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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak May 13, 2013 7:49 PM Flag

    A timely reminder: potential withdrawal of Omontys NDA with the FDA

    With all of the volume and new retail longs acquiring AFFY shares, perhaps it is time for a timely reminder from AFFY's April 2, 2013 press release:

    the Company is continuing the restructuring efforts which is expected to include further efforts to transition responsibilities for the investigation and recall of OMONTYS to Takeda, discussions with the FDA including a potential withdrawal of the OMONTYS New Drug Application (NDA)

    Let's see. The EMA also has Omontys on its consideration for the month of May. What does one suppose the European Economic Community will do with Omontys under the current circumstances. Would any of this affect the share price? I remain comfortable with my short position. You make the decisions with respect to your own AFFY speculation.

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    • Did you really read Takeda CC transcript especiall the opening remark as well as Q&A ? Wh y would Omontys stil in then EMA schedule review for the month of May given what we already know (volontary recall)? Didn't ITMN and DCTH get the go from EMA while FDA hold off their NDA? So Affy website change is one of your leading your argument or deficit cumul equal debt (lol)? Why would Zack upgrade AFFY (ohh pump and dump)? Why AFFY volume is so high the last four days? Why Institutional holding is still so high and BlackRock and Vanguard would increase their holdings (to throw money away given their low investment turnover) ?Please give me substances or convincing evidences about AFFY. We know MM hold the majority of the short positions and therefore control the pps and will decide when to let it rise.Most of them are still shareholders.Takeda is working with the FDA to bring back Omontys and nothing from their CC suggested otherwise.You seem to be working overtime lately. Is there any reason (lol)?Well for now we have June 6 shareholder meeting and August 6 Q2 earning. So AFFY is still alive from what I know.

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      • 1 Reply to seytrader
      • Very well said! He gets $8 an hour for posting the same unsubstantiated garbage messages on this board. He made people to sell @80 cents and it reached a high of 1.95.

        He is a sinner, leave him alone.

        No BK or any other status change for AFFY, till OMONTYS issue is resolved, that is the FACT and every shareholder need to Understand, unless this is a buyout!

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    • The stock is trading @1+, it is not @$25.

      This buy is 1 : 5000, there will be 4999 winners out of 5000. You are the lone man standing!

      Rest of them will come out winners here!

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