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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 May 17, 2013 9:52 PM Flag

    Stop wasting timein RESPONDING to BASHER MORONS!

    Put them on IGNORE and move on! If you feel the Product is going to be relaunched hold a long position.

    Otherwise short the heck of it.

    I believe in the relaunch as well as either a Buyout / PERPETUAL ROYALTY PAYMENTS as long as OMONTYS is in the market place.


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    • Hey Jagan.

      I appreciate your posts. I was wondering what other stocks you like.,


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    • I try not to IGNORE anyone unless they endlessly bash or pump. YOU jagan fit the ENDLESS PUMP category!!!! You have nothing but endless pie in the sky dreams. you do not take into consideration both sides of the equation to come out with a plausible outcome. You have nothing but a roll of the dice on the outcome of O. Your a dreamer and dreamers in this game usually run out of money really quickly. If you want to bet "round and round she go's" thats fine but please spare us the dreamer talk, it's just as annoying as the bashing.

      • 1 Reply to scalper1
      • scalper1: At this point I'm not considering you a basher so I respond.

        No,I'm not a pie in the sky character, I'm practical with a sensible view on the events occurred/occurring to Affy.

        How many Class Action lawsuits (from AT & T to home Builders) you participated received penny's for your loss? Did you still see check for $5-10 for your 1000's of shares holdings? Here there won;'t be much, look at the 1000's of Disclaimers associated with their filings. No way anybody can win the case. If and when this goes to trial, the Lawyers will make a mln or two no one else. On top of it how many years will it take? 4-5-6 years?

        As for as the product liability goes it is very hard to prove what actually caused the issue until the investigation is over? If there is a product issue, then it will take longer time to reveal. with 25000 patients administered and doing fine, the allergic reaction occurs on the very first day JMHO this is a curable fix with better monitoring on the first day and identifying the patient population who are vulnerable to such catastrophic events.

        I'm intending to wait till the final outcome. Will I loose all my money? probably 0.01%
        Will I loose part of investments? probably? 0.01%
        Will I gain 1000%+? probably 99.98% - It is directly relates to relaunch of OMONTYS

        Everything else is just bashers non-sense at this juncture, THERE WILL NOT BE A BK FILING until OMONTYS issue is resolved and they have enough cash (monthly needed to keep AFFY is 50K) to make it for at least 3-4 months.

        That is my math and investments logic here.


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    • PS. It would also be nice IF retail could, in fact, short the heck out of AFFY. I know I cannot, even though I have tried repeatedly in my TD Ameritrade account. Try shorting AFFY yourself, just to see if you can do it.

    • If I were a CEO, I know I'd want to buy OMONTYS and expose my company to a lifetime of LAWSUITS for a minescule amount of profit. Oh yeah! Sign me up for that EPIC F-up!

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      • Hugeman: Out of 25000 patients, 5 had a catastrophic reactions and that too ON THE VERY FIRST DAY. Subsequent dosages the patient system could accept without any issues.

        25 k patients did not have any issues at all and their functionality was very normal.

        Don't you think if they put up some additional monitoring mechanism on the first day of administration, pinpoint and isolate the patient population vulnerable to such events, they have a fair chance of reentry into the market place? I will wait for TAKEDA'S findings then will make a call.


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      • Its also amazing that they can't find a lead plaintiff amongst all the bottom feeding lawyers that filed.... .02% out of 25k !... u r a f#cking moron....

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