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  • zszagha May 21, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

    Affy urgent conference call tommorow takeda buying affy at 4$

    Last minute

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    • You should stop posting garbage like Shorts do!

      Whenever there is a buyout there has to be some sort of valuation. Currently we don't know what is the value of AFFY. Without OMONTYS there is no value here. Product re-launch in any of the market is important here.

      Nobody will sell the share @3 or $4, I know it is available @1.25 yesterday, that will never be the Buyout price.

      Let us wait for the outcome. If there is a buyout it won't be less than $8-12 per share, again I'll wait for the outcome.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to jagan1961
      • Jagan's new pumper lullaby: "AFFY buyout won't be less that $8-12 per share!" [Let's see. Jagan values AFFY, with 37M shares outstanding, at a total of between $296M and $444M. I guess Takeda made a huge mistake signing the $180M milestone/royalties deal with AFFY to commercialize O, huh? Why wait for product relaunch, follow Jagan's dreams and pay AFFY all of the worldwide milestones and royalties immediately as if O already approved by FDA, EMA and Japan (even though Takeda long ago decided not to market O in Japan). See why I say these are delusional, moronic, idiotic paid pumpers?]

      • Takeda should by the company now for cheap instead of 3x the price when the drug comes back. That would be smart business. Remember Orwin is still on the board and that means he will sell AFFY if possible for as low as possible because he never has the shareholders interest in mind.

    • Even though I doubt that the tittle does not speak the truth, I still look forward to a buy out.

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