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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner May 21, 2013 9:21 PM Flag

    It may be that Laffy BOD is the most ethical in history of business

    LaffyStockholm syndrome patients would have us believe that all the news of dismantling company is a good thing. They say that now that everything is gone, there are no expenses. Laffy consists only of a future revenue stream for common shareholders.

    If this is true, then I will definitely say without one doubt that LAFFY BOD is the most ethical BOD EVER. They have the guts not to squander any common shareholder money on things like employees, building leases, company web site pages, etc. Instead, the get rid of EVERYTHING that can be construed as an expense and then they stay in Palo Alto to make sure that the royalty stream due to the common shareholders will be properly accounted for. This BOD is really something special. I am grateful to observe such consideration in the business world. It is a pleasure to observe. Thank you so much.

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    • Thank God we have you here to educate us humble simpletons with your vast knowledge of all things and your comfortable nine figure profit from shorting this stock. Sorry nine figure six figure all the same since it is all contrived BS. Thanks for you continued concern!

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      • PBork,

        I only wish I had shorted this. You are confusing me with GWP. It takes knowledge, money, guts and luck to short a stock to the tune of six figures. That may be a once in a lifetime deal, I don't know. You may think GWP is bragging but I think most of us would brag way more if we had the guts and savvy to make such a play.

        I do not ever short any stock, not because I think it's bad to do but it seems too risky as any POS stock may easily be run up for no reason at all. But I do not need to tell anyone this. This is why we are all still here watching.

    • Affy Tax Loss is $500 Million. There are less than 40 M shares. Real value of tax losses to 'an acquiring company is at least $4 a share. IP is worth at least another $4 per share.

      We break $2 a share in this surge - in next 10 days.

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      • Doyo/Yoyo,

        It is good that there are so many accounting experts on this board. It's surprising to me that so many biotech companies have gone BK even though they had hundreds of millions in NOL. The list is too numerous to name. It is mysterious that they were not bought out for a minimum of $100 million because, as you and many other amateur/expert accountants have said, the NOL is worth this much to other companies.

        It must be that complete lunacy has prevailed up to this point. Now, with AFFY, sanity will prevail and all other companies will see the NOL is worth a minimum of $100 million (close to $3/share). Let us observe together. Thank you.

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