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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 May 22, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    Total mkt cap of a Blockbuster drug with a potential Royalty payment of 15-20% on WW Sales is under 50 MLN!

    The bigboyz are accumulating as much as possible the potential payout TRUST and planning to take it private to enjoy all of the benefits. What I'm saying is when the number of shareholders who own this is less than 300 then they can buyout from individual shareholders and make it as a private company with any of the SEC reporting.

    Kathleen La Porte is a venture capitalist with lots of interest and she is on board here.

    Know what you are holding, in a jeffy the shares will fall on the bigboyz's lap and we retail will have none of it.


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    • I own 100k shares in this and something better happen by the shareholders meeting or I am out. I bought cheap so I wont lose a penny and make a little profit but the BOD better say sometime soon or they can have my damn shares.

    • Take your own advice Jagan. Be prepared to lose most, if not all, of whatever "investment" you have made in AFFY stock. However, judging by the sheer number and nonsense of your posts, I suspect you do not hold any shares but are a paid pumper hired by dumping MMs and their cronies as part of Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders.

    • Potential peak payout will be close to 800 MLN $ per annum (on a 4 BLN $ WW sales) with a perpetual royalty agreement.

      It is never ending, so long as the product is in the market place, you can collect the payout.


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      • Jagan: what do you mean by " the shares will fall on the bigboyz's lap and we retail will have none of it"., (that doesnt sound good). And "you can collect the payout"? sounds like a dividend of sorts to shareholders. Is Amontys being bought out or are they left as a tiny company operation collecting annual royalties on an esti $800m per annum, while T collects on $4b per annum. If so when would the pps for O reflect such. Net net question is how this translates to us retail investors now and later? On one hand it sounds like a hostile takeover, on the other it sounds like they dont want to own all O and its liabilities. Appreciate you patience with these questions.

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