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  • templario_one templario_one Jun 1, 2013 8:42 AM Flag

    Cannot wait until monday action and what the company has to say.

    Imo there will be news regarding next steps just before moving to other exchange. Hopefully monday, if not the following days. I have the feeling there will be some kind of anouncement by midday monday. Target price objective for Monday: 2.80-3$.
    If buyout, well, that would depend, but could reach 3$, 4$, 5$ .... 8$. We will see!!

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    • Monday I am a buyer on every dip..I even am willing to sell my CLSN shares to have funds available. I knew they were going to pull a stunt to tank the shareprice. Thanks!

    • bio_man Jun 1, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

      "what the company has to say" They have ears LORD, but they do not listen. The company has just spoken!

    • A tender offer of $5.00/share would translate to a payout of $187 million, since there are 37.4 million shares outstanding of AFFY. That would be a STEAL for Takeda, because Takeda is currently on the hook for up to $185 million in milestone payments to AFFY, not even including the percentage-based royalties, if OMONTYS is reintroduced into the market.

      There is nothing but good news here, as far as I am concerned. AFFY's most recent actions point to a tender offer that is in the works.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I was quite surprised about yesterdays over reaction AH on a news it was already known. Clever hands just got in at prices from 1.45-1.80$ AH. If some news arise before open, AFFY could gap up huge. Yesterday, people did not realise about the Omontys issue, so, I would expect a quite bunch of buy orders at the beginning, which added to possible announcement / buyout and next steps for the company, I believe we could easily see 2.30-2.50$ during the first moments of session. Just my opinion, lets see what happens!!!!

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