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  • draganvistica draganvistica Jun 2, 2013 11:09 PM Flag

    Do shorts have to cover before OTC?


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    • Of course not. Shorts can't wait until OTC. It's their dream come true. I originally bought AFFY because of certain pumpers. Glad that I sold a few weeks ago! This last pump looked just like the last one and I wanted to take the gamble but didn't because I didn't want to sell CLSN. Real glad that I didn't . I didn't really expect this to trade in OTC this quick. I'm sorry to say but tomorrow is going to be a blood bath. It's just the truth. It's not likely that a buyout will happen. This situation that happened is all too common in biotech. Pumpers will always plant that seed of a buyout. Just look for yourself. You will see in the end what happens but some people like me are trying to tell you so at least you know. I know that some are just straight bashers but I'm not. Maybe I am now because I know what's about to go down but it's way too obvious. A lot of the longs that are still in do selective research where they can't see the bad for what it is. They spend too much time hoping or listening to lies from pumpers. Good luck to you, I hope you make it out OK. I'm not going to lie though. This is going to be very entertaining. I just want to see how low it can go tomorrow. It's kind of hard to believe that this will go to 70 cents tomorrow but for some reason I think that is where it's going. We will see though. Volume is going to be huge.

    • Shorts pray for zero. I don't think they have to cover until they get a margin call. I could be wrong.

    • nope

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