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  • mershaw2001 writes in the post titled "The Shareholder Meeting Ended - Notes Are Attached" that [he] inquired about a possible acquisition by takeda NO [caps added by me] herb said that they negotiated the contract and didn't go beyond that to inquire about getting the whole company). Mershaw2001, please clarify because that is HUGE in a negative way for Affy if that was said by a BOD member. Thanks.

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    • Herb was very very tentative about answering questions. In question 1) is there an outside source that has approached the company he said "yes, though they are mainly small and looking for a larger partner". In the followup question, "has takeda made any indication that they are interested?", the answer we got was not a yes. It is hard for me to clearly say it's a no, because I am working from memory and because he did not want to provide information that was outside of the SEC filings. He followed this up by saying that takeda's interest was in ironing out the licensing agreement 13-20%) and I believe he said that there was not interest beyond that. Or perhaps he couldn't say that there was interest beyond that.
      That's the best that I can do, and I totally understand how significant of an issue this is, but if you want a definitive answer, perhaps there is a transcript from the meeting where you could parse his words.

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