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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Jun 13, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    Current price movement in the not too distant future

    the intra-day price movements will be measured in dollars!!!

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    • Max - been enjoying your posts. Question: Has Takeda taken over US sales and manufacturing of O now or rather has affy turned that over to Takeda? If so, that is a huge positive for O's future, IMO.

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      • YES, Takeda will be responsible for US (world-wide actually) sales and manufacturing. I believe that is part of why they negotiated the termination of the various supply agreements (actually Brenner did that for Takeda) was a win-win in the sense that Takeda NOW HAS FULL CONTROL once Omontys is brought back on the market and the suppliers knew that that they were never likely to get anything pushing on the AFFY rope, but got paid handsomely for work that they would never have to do. Another brilliant move by Takeda/Brenner in my opinion.

        My best guess given that I believe that the investigation is over, Omontys will be totally cleared and returned to market, some kind of deal is being worked out with Fresenius...and that full manufacturing control has been taken by Takeda is that based on what they know about the restoration date that they've already started manufacturing for inventory so that they can come out of the gate hard once the gate has been lifted. NOTE: This is just analytic speculation on my part, but it is exactly what Takeda would/should be doing knowing that Omontys will be restored.

      • WHEN AND IF the FDA allows O back on the market AND Takeda decides to sell O, then Takeda will have full responsibility to manufacture and sell O. Nonetheless, AFFY has disclosed 1. It has either canceled or suspended contracts to manufacture O; 2. The manufacture of O takes LONG LEAD TIMES. 3. The FDA investigation MAY BE LENGTHY. 4. AFFY itself describes Takeda's decision to reintroduce O back to the market as HIGHLY UNCERTAIN.

        Just thought in case you were new to this board, you might become acquainted with the above disclosures contained in AFFY's sec filings. IMHO there is day trading ability in AFFY stock if you are able to play the market swings, but AFFY is not a "buy and hold" investment. AFFY is terribly economically and financially distressed. There is high risk in holding AFFY stock since AFFY could file for bankruptcy at any time. Do your own DD.

    • Maxdad01-new to the investing world and have been following you on QCOR board. Really appreciate your insight! Quick and really dumb question; but how do you purchase APPY with an Etrade account? I want to get involved in APPY, so how should I go about it? Really not a big time investor at this point, but learning the game...

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      • brimarnie...well the first thing you need to do is get the ticker symbol correct :-) It is AFFY NOT APPY. I have never used etrade but if you've executed any on-line trades with them before it should be EXACTLY THE SAME for an AFFY trade. NOTE: For stocks like this ALWAYS TRADE USING LIMIT ORDERS AND DAY ONLY !!! I generally put trade orders in at the ASK to make sure they get filled, but if you're feeling lucky go a cent or two below :-) Then JUST HOLD ONTO IT !!! If you have any technical questions about how to trade with eTrade I'm sure there is a support phone number on their home page.

        Good luck.


      • @bri...step AFFY not APPY if you want this stock, if not your on the wrong msg board

      • brimarnie16, I have an Etrade account also and it is pretty easy to purchase stock there (click on the trade tab and place your order. make sure you know what order type you want. instruction are on there also). 1. is it your first purchase? 2. If I was you I would go to QCOR board and ask this question (there are a lot of people over there that can probably give you some insight on APPY I'm not familiar with it). If you need more info about buying stock on Etrade just post over there with a topic stepstocks and I will try to help. I'm not a pro either but have been with Etrade for a little over 3 years. Good Luck and you should keep following the QCOR board. I have learned more there in the last several months than any other board i have been on in 3 years. Look for Pharma, Mclim, Mikey, Max, Nomad, My honest opinion, truth, drdon, itawhiz, and the list goes on.....

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