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  • diejour_44 diejour_44 Jun 13, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    good to have maxdad on the mb

    smart and knows what going on...good to read his posts

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    • If I may, "Having maxdad on this MB is the overwhelming reason we have so much additional info/data to add to our DD." He is smart but he is tenacious, deliberate, and dedicated to turning every stone. If this bet fails, it is not because of anything he has said or done. It is the decision of others. It will not make maxdad wrong as he has warned repeatedly that this is a bet. It a probability issue which for those who compare it to a lottery ticket, has overwhelming reasons as to why the risks appear to be overblown. Some can't see that and continue with their mudslinging. I own the stock because maxdad introduced it to me. I read his DD and the articles he referenced as support data. Then I (no one else) - - - I chose to buy the stock. I appreciate what maxdad endeavored to do by sharing his insights but the decision was, and continues to be, entirely mine.

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    • Max is a dreamer, its ok to dream, but when stocks are trading a buck that means investors have voted. Miracles do happen, but its highly unlikely that this drug gets put back on the market. is msarter than you think.

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      • Poker...glad you think Wall Street is smarter than some think. I was on WS as investment banker, mergers and acquisitions Pharmaceuticals for over 30 years. I retired in '06 as head of GS's Healthcare Inv. Banking group. So it remains possible that I might actually know how wall street thinks and maybe even have some insight into what's going on here beyond the various euphoric or death by stupidity posts on boards like these. I assure you I am as pure bread an ANALYST AS YOU WILL EVER KNOW and would encourage you to check my history of analysis and information gathering and sharing on the Questcor board. I may turn out to be wrong about AFFY, but I have put a bunch of money where my research, analysis and opinions are and do NOT think that the risks are anywhere near the potential reward. Early on when Questcor was at around 20 I heard exactly the same kinds of statements from bashers over there...take a look at how that one has played out thus far. I am the farthest thing from a "dreamer" you will ever know and there are MANY who will verify that completely. Omontys is coming back and there will be a deal between AFFY and Takeda that will put Affymax as it previously existed either totally gone or reconstituted as a Royalty Trust...and again I have put my money solidly where my research, analysis and opinions are.

        Best of luck to you in your investing...


      • wall street is just as dumb and skiddish as anyone's people, like you and I who have emotions...greed,fear...thats what drives the market, all the fundamental #$%$ and charts would go right out the window if omontys came back. Do you think Cramer would just sit back and take a loss with his mouth shut if his firm was shorting it? NO, he would be all over his show ranting about "deaths and worst stock...don't buy , etc"'s all about perception

      • Wow...I just lost few brain cell reading your POST..........NOTE to Self....IGGY

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • thats your opinion pokerwanttobe

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