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  • pvb8_man pvb8_man Jun 16, 2013 12:48 PM Flag were "wrapped up" two yrs ago....with RPRX.....LoL


    ....would just love to see you, now...."EAT your words"....return to the RPRX msg board, and, APOLOGIZE for
    trying to "talk posters OUT of investing in the stock" - - - which has.....more than QUADRUPLED, since ! (thankfully, "I" wasn't one of the posters who believed....ONE posted.....Rotflmao !) Now, you're
    here trying to PUMP ..... a virtual "DISASTER" ?!?!? You are truly....'remarkable'....putting it "politely" (as you
    requested ) - - - and, considering what a SENSITIVE guy you really are.....hahahahaha.....LoL !

    This topic is deleted.
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    • You can take the man out of GS/JPM. But you can't take GS/JPM out of the man. Sad to say this is proving true. Anyone who proudly proclaims he has spent his career at these companies should be viewed with the utmost suspicion. Thank you.

    • I posted in 2010 over there and held RPRX when it was sub $1 level and sold it around for $5 or so. I was a believer on Protellex (if I remember correctly) with low dosages it was working fine.

      I did not focus much on that, but was very positive on the companies prospects.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to jagan1961
      • ...and, WHOM might YOU be, "jag" ?!? "Mad Max" was a regular on the RPRX thread back in....2011....if
        YOU were in RPRX back in "2010", you musta endured the co.'s 1:4 Rev. Split, right ??! ANDROXAL has
        gathered a lot more attention than has...."Proellex"....since - - and, is much closer to approval, as well !
        "MAX" has been pretty much....M.I.A. .... since his "embarrassment" on the RPRX msg board two years
        ago......LOL !


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