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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Jun 17, 2013 10:22 PM Flag

    Before this insane battle with the WHACK PACK (Affytozero, Godwin, Snype8, Jennam, et al)

    One person with multiple aliases or truly a bunch of equally highly qualified manipulators and con artists began, I asked anyone who doubted my credentials, experience, analytic depth and contributions to simply go to the Questcor board and VERIFY ME AND THE QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY of my analysis. I put myself up to whatever scrutiny anyone wanted to pursue. Godwin, the leader of THE WHACK PACK, was asked to answer one simple question that would have verified him. HE NOT ONLY REFUSED BUT VICIOUSLY ATTACKED ME AND HASN'T STOPPED SINCE. I personally don't care. At my age and with all I have been through my skin is pure leather. But I said put up or shut up. CONMAN DID NEITHER, but I opened myself up to almost 9 months of my threaded analysis on the Questcor board for total review of accuracy AND the opinions of those on that board that both came to know that I am a true blue, highly qualified analyst, with demonstrable integrity by people who came to know me. CONMAN ETC. are very clever, but not particularly smart or experienced at anything other than trying to get people convinced that their lies are truths and that their manipulations are in the public's best interest.

    THE SCRUTINY VEHICLES FOR THEM V. MAXDAD WERE THERE FOR ALL TO SEE...AND THE RESULTS ON BOTH SIDES ARE UNAMBIGUOUS AND CRYSTAL CLEAR...I'll never be able to stop people like them from doing their vicious bidding, but I have tried...but more than anything I have offered up here exactly what I offered on the QCOR board. Solid research, with as much original material documentation (in full form and easily referenceable, NOT TWISTED AND CONTORTED), deep analysis and the best of my opinions resulting from a shirt load of work. In my absence (I leave at 5 am tomorrow for two weeks) I fully anticipate that these people will maintain their relentless attack on me, my analysis and AFFY.

    I leave you all with 1 question. IF they are SO SURE, why do they need to do what they do 24/7 week after week?

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