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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Jun 17, 2013 10:55 PM Flag

    Make a note of how they ALL GOT TOGETHER with a blistering attack !!!

    Thanx, not only do you flatter me with all the attention you give me, but it demonstrates just how scared (and irritated) my presence here has made all of you (OR JUST YOU!!!). Really IF I was so wrong and you PERFECTLY RIGHT, why would you spend so much energy to try to defend your indefensible turf.

    You have me leaving laughing my assets off at what an amazing bunch of boiler room conmen you are with all mission and effort aimed at ME !!! I'M HONORED TO BE THE SUBJECT OF YOUR RELENTLESS PURSUITS regardless of how fruitless they will become.

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    • Maxdad. Your problem is, perhaps, more inward and insidious than healthy. I recognize some histrionic personality disorder in your posts. These observations may begin the self awareness you so desperately lack, but know them you must for the healing process to ever have a chance. Here is what your posts suggest to me, and others too:

      The emotionally immature person, however, has low levels of self-esteem and self-confidence and consequently feels insecure; to counter these feelings of insecurity they will spend a large proportion of their lives creating situations in which they become the centre of attention. It may be that the need for attention is inversely proportional to emotional maturity, therefore anyone indulging in attention-seeking behaviours is telling you how emotionally immature they are.

      Attention-seeking behaviour is surprisingly common. Being the centre of attention alleviates feelings of insecurity and inadequacy but the relief is temporary as the underlying problem remains unaddressed: low self-confidence and low self-esteem, and consequent low levels of self-worth and self-love.

      Insecure and emotionally immature people often exhibit bullying behaviours, especially manipulation and deception. These are necessary in order to obtain attention which would not otherwise be forthcoming. Bullies and harassers have the emotional age of a young child and will exhibit temper tantrums, deceit, lying and manipulation to avoid exposure of their true nature and to evade accountability and sanction.

      PS. Maxdad. Try to avoid the name calling and ALL CAPS in your ad hominem attacks on others, like me, who expose your lies and manipulations on this board.

    • Please repent for the Questcor sins. Raising the price from $50 to $28,000 just because the kids' lives were on the line. That is so cold. Where is the dignity in that? Does that money spend the same as honest money when you're on vacation? Not for me. I like my money clean and honest. I would not take that $28,000 from the kids. I would take the $50 and spend it in peace and happiness.

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