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  • beatendown_thensum beatendown_thensum Jun 17, 2013 11:15 PM Flag

    Okay.... Clearly godwinpeak and thegreycorner are one...

    The reply posting is just too tight..
    But maxdad... Could you possibly be .... I shudder to think...
    Could you be ..... thegreycorner, and godwinpeak.. ?
    I mean.. the tightness of the posting and replies - even at late hours - seems, well, tight (as I said)..
    But to what end? To what nonsensical end ???
    No offense.. I'm just asking...
    Is this stock, AFFY, some Jeckyll/Hyde all-or-none stock that gives you license to ... come out and be FREE ???
    LOL... Nothing would surprise me after almost 4 decades of this godless debauchery we call the stock market..

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