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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Jun 19, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    The Primary Expertise of The Brenner Group AFFY Longs Always Ignore

    Bankruptcy Advisors for Insolvent Companies

    The Brenner Group® is among Silicon Valley's most experienced restructuring specialists serving the needs of the many constituents of insolvent companies that may be confronting and contemplating formal bankruptcy. These constituents include creditors, boards, investors, and executive management.

    Our role within a company pointing toward bankruptcy is to ensure the company understands the implications and steps of bankruptcy and has taken appropriate action to prepare for whichever bankruptcy path, Chapter 11 or Chapter 7, has been chosen. We will work closely with insolvency and/or corporate counsel to finalize a bankruptcy plan, complete the necessary filings, and ensure the company is properly managed through the actual filing. In a Chapter 11 proceeding The Brenner Group can be the Responsible Party in the filing and manage the process through to a court-approved exit from bankruptcy. In a Chapter 7 proceeding The Brenner Group can be involved until such time as the court appointed trustee no longer needs assistance from the company.

    We advise and support the bankruptcy process
    In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, The Brenner Group can act as a member of the management team, typically the interim CFO, to prepare the reorganization plan, help manage the business as "debtors-in-possession" (DIP) and then help execute that plan once it's been approved. We may also be retained to assist in an asset sale or divestiture as part of the reorganization.

    In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the company liquidates under a court-appointed trustee who takes control of the process of liquidating and winding down the company. We may be engaged by the company prior to filing as part of or in lieu of the management team and board to implement certain liquidation steps prior to bankruptcy, help file the bankruptcy petition, and prepare for the transition to the trustee. After filing we may also be retained by the trustee to perform some aspects of t

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    • GW, they are not ignoring it. They are just chirping like crickets for the fun of it.

      It's interesting to see the LaffyChumps deride the Cut/Paste posts which spoon-feed them the very information that they need. It is there on a silver platter for them to read but they try to mock it as cut/paste. Maybe they can't handle more than 130 characters of text due to their Twitter mentality.

    • Brenner's primary purpose is to do a complete TURNAROUND here as a trusted group on Takeda's side because T has over $600MM invested here and they are NOT going away quietly, nor are the large institutions who were blindsided in here on CEO Orwin's fast, capitulating, "VOLUNTARY" recall.

      AFFY paid off the banks!

      AFFY paid off the suppliers!

      In a BK you renegotiate all these after a filing NOT BEFORE. Try again!

      Get a clue. The BK is OFF THE TABLE bashers, so give it a REST for now.

      Your $1 puts are worthless on Friday! Scaremongering isnt working here, so kindly go away!

      Jeez! #$%$. The same 4 bashers (prolly the same person) saying the same old story.

      What you are seeing is HOUSECLEANING before a major announcement IMO.

      OK, GL

      EXP - Former WS Trader - 30 years Experience. Doubled down !!!

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 4 Replies to expstktrader
      • Do you think EXPstkrader, that maybe, just maybe, Takeda had a hand in the "voluntary recall", too? And do you think, maybe, just maybe, had AFFY and Takeda not made the recall "voluntary", the FDA itself would have mandated a recall of O? Of course not, you WS types don't think, you manipulate.

      • EXPstktader, IMHO I happen to agree that the $1 puts will expire worthless on Friday. The MMs may even bring the share price up to let the $1.50 calls fill, but I doubt it. The MMs want retail to own as many shares as retail possibly can as part of Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders. Of course, you already know that. That is why you are on SA and you and Maxdad and your cadre of paid pumpers are here touting going long AFFY as such a great investment where the risk is, as Maxdad, describes it, NOT SIGNIFICANT.

      • FYI I hold $2 puts. They are not going to be worthless at all. I am looking forward to getting the short shares. Lord knows I had to pay 8 times the premium for $2 puts that the corresponding $2 calls which sold like hot cakes. Wonder why the premium difference was so much. Can you explain that EXP?

      • True. The major announcement I expect is either Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 filing by AFFY. EXPstktrader I have seen your pump and dump SA articles in which you served as a Judas Sheep for AFFY retail. Obviously you and Maxdad, both being WS types, are here to help the little guy right? Or maybe you are part of the MMs' and their cronies' Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders?

    • You're like a bloody broken record.Over and over and over again with the same lame things.

    • Your aesss is Bankrupt! Lololol

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