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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Jun 22, 2013 8:35 PM Flag

    Stay Focused on the Ultimate Prize, just ignore these morons!

    There are only 2 options left here, Whether O is coming back or NOT.

    After spending 1 BLN+ & 15 years of Hardwork Takeda will never abandon a Block buster drug and will re-introduce in the market place. If Takeda can take a 1.2 BLN W/Off, I'm willing to take 50 K write off personally.

    If the product comes back you are looking at an Average perpetual Royalty payout of 300 MLN $ (remember I'm saying Avg sales) for AFFY, which is almost $8 per share per year as long as Omontys is in the market place.

    This is perpetual and in 2 years time, Takeda can capture 2 BLN sales once re-introduced in US and worldwide.

    You will receive the entire receipt as Dividend payout, just once in a lifetime opportunity.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Jagan, as I was reading the Agreement, I might be wrong, but it says that most the shareholders can get from the royalty is 180 MLN and it doesn't say Annually, like I say I might miss-read it.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Jagan.....Whom do you work for....stop misleading shareholders

    • AFFY has enough and more cash to go for another 2 Years with the current arrangement with Brenner group. 2 years is a pretty longtime, the news should hit the stand anytime soon.

      I can't wait to get my Dividend payout soon!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It is not so. The determinative question is whether O comes back IN THE NEAR FUTURE. If not, then AFFY must seek Chapter 11 protection or some other alternative that means current AFFY shareholders lose some or all of their AFFY investment. Read AFFY's latest 10Q.

    • This is a great pumper lullaby. Remember these paid pumpers are all about Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders. Play the MMs swings if able, but AFFY is not a buy and hold investment. AFFY can go bankrupt at any time and should it do so, you will lose significantly. It is a two step process for O, if it is ever to come back to market, for it to do so. First, Takeda must complete the investigation into O patient deaths and serious adverse reactions and then satisfy all FDA concerns about O's safety. AFFY itself disclosed that this process is likely to be lengthy. Second, Takeda must decide whether or not even to introduce O back into the market. AFFY disclosed that this decision is highly uncertain. AFFY also disclosed that unless O is returned to market in the near future, it may have to seek bankruptcy protection. Just make sure you are aware of the significant risk involved in buying and holding AFFY. The "ultimate prize" IMHO is that you will lose most of the money you use to buy AFFY should you decide not to take a profit and hold long term.

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      • Well said...... To all commons here is the true message

      • I have said repeatedly...


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Am I repeating myself? Yes I can do it too.

        You need to see a professional about your OCD.
        You and grey are ever present problems. You wait for the chance to attack anything positive here.
        You are of no use to any shareholder.
        You are unable to answer any question without repeating the same worthless bull.
        You clutter this message board with repeating over and over again.
        You take part in the immoral practice of selling what's not your's to sell by the graces of an immoral body of government know to be corrupt, the congress.
        You attack the very types of institutions that promote your immoral practices. Would selling someone else's shares be possible without the GSs of the world? Really.

        We the people who are owners are looking for information on whats happening with the investigation. No one but you needs to see your negative posts.

    • I am not a pumper but I believed what all the longs are saying, there is no way for a company to shelve a drug that WORKS and has the FDA APPROVAL.!!

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