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  • pbjorkl904 pbjorkl904 Jun 26, 2013 12:41 PM Flag


    WSJ article 2 days ago revisited a Supreme Court decision from February. The court, on a 6-3 vote, in February allowed an investor lawsuit alleging Amgen Inc. played down safety concerns about two drugs used to treat Anemia. Amgen denied allegations and said the plaintiffs couldn't show that the alleged misrepresentations had a material effect on its share price. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who wrote the courts opinion said investors would ultimately have to prove any misrepresentations were material but didn't have to do so at the outset. Everyone should check out the SA article on yahoo headlines from May 28, scroll down and click on the Washington Post article. It is interesting because it calls into question the safety of Amgens two anemia drugs at higher dosage and expanded usage.

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    • Looks like good precedent for AFFY liability in its shareholder class actions that seek hundreds of millions in damages. But don't worry AFFY longs, you never did pay any attention to what the shareholder class action litigation means about AFFY's ability to financially survive.

    • Thought I would again repost this because there are continuous references to the safety and efficacy of Epo vs. O, which has been claimed to have a safe record over a number of years of continuous use. These two examples call those claims into question. Judge the article in the Washington Post for yourself, as well as the Supreme Court ruling

    • Thought I would bring this up again as GWP talks about the relative safety and efficacy of competing drugs, mainly Epo, over many years. These 2 examples are for real and still obviously being investigated and or possibly litigated.

    • Maxdad I posted this some time ago but I believe it is still relevant as a number of the shorts continuously state that Amgen already has a drug on the market that has a great safety record as opposed to O. The Washington Post article states that things may not be as they seem in terms of the safety and efficacy of Amgens anemia drugs.

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      • PBJ...there have been numerous articles over many years about Amgen's Anemia regimen indicating both mortality issues (MUCH WORSE THAN Omontys BY FAR!!!) AND efficacy issues as well. Further, the article I just got indicated that the dosing protocols promoted by Amgen (pushing dosing boundaries up by 3X over 10 years) finally got the attention of Medicare though the FDA has been reigning them in the past few years. OMONTYS is by all clinical measures a big threat to Amgen's monopoly in this segment (dialysis) of the anemia market. Does anyone really think that Takeda won't do everything possible to bring this drug back to market??? But unlike Amgen, Takeda's M.O. is to work with a clean bill of health (so to speak). Again, simply a matter of time and patience for Omontys to be returned and Affymax (patient) shareholders amply rewarded. IMO

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