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  • manfrombeach manfrombeach Jun 26, 2013 10:27 PM Flag

    Hey Longs...Japanese Companies are VERY Secretive and Takeda is NO Different....


    NO news is GOOD news. Just wait for the pre-market PR to hit the wires one morning...

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    • Oh how true! I had to negotiate with them regarding fabrication of replacement parts for nuclear electric generation. They are certainly different. I admire their stoic approach. The first time they ate my lunch. Learned my lessons and had win-win success thereafter.

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      • Japanese companies (like Takeda) have a cultural bias that puts people above profit. For example, Japan has been in a recession for two decades, yet the unemployment rate never went above 3.5%. This is the only reason why I am long. Replace Takeda with an American company and I would not have touched Affy with a ten-foot pole.

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      • jim: my only concern is do to this methodical and attention to detail mentality, that any news may be further out then any of us wish. I am also concerned that the FDA may have to look at how synthesized drugs can be quantatatively tested for consistant mfg. I believe this will return, timeline for news of reintroduction has me uneasy. I hope Wildbill is correct regarding timelines to update shareholders, and or Maxdads thoughts on 4 to 6 weeks. Something surely is taking place, we have seen 80million shares traded a couple times and now barely a million.....both scenarios on no news. It appears that everyone is simply holding, good news is coming, question is how long will it take.

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