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  • rockystar996 rockystar996 Jun 29, 2013 3:56 AM Flag

    ORwin sold gifted his stocks and sold on lower price goog sign its only for tax purpose and price will rise soon he could not wait till end

    study shows that large charitable stock gifts by Chairmen and CEOs of public companies. These gifts, which are not subject to insider trading law, often occur just before sharp declines in their companies’ share prices. This timing is more pronounced when executives donate their own shares to their own family foundations. Evidence related to reporting delays and seasonal patterns suggests that some CEOs backdate stock gifts to increase personal income tax benefits. CEOs’ family foundations hold donated stock for long periods rather than diversifying, permitting CEOs to continue voting the shares.

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    • yes, but sell for $1 if you know the potential...this is a move I did not expect

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      • Relax. Maybe he is unloading AFFY for tax-related purposes. Who knows, and who cares? I honestly don't give a hoot what John Orwin does with his position in this stock. I wish that he leave the BOD of this company and move on to something else, so that we can stop talking about him in this silly chat room. It's not as if he has done AFFY shareholders any favors with his actions around the time of the recall of OMONTYS, so why should we count on him to do anything that supports us right now?

        I'm not investing in AFFY because of John Orwin. I'm investing in AFFY because of the story of OMONTYS, and I suspect that you are, too. Let's not have the financial actions of a human tool sway us away from that fact, OK? LOL.

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