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  • wildbill400 wildbill400 Jul 1, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    Freedom of Information Act will change Affy.


    Some very interesting things to be discovered or uncovered.

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    • True. The Wall Street Journal used FOIA to uncover that O was worse than originally reported. Here are some relevant excerpts from the March 29, 2013 WSJ report on O:

      Anemia Drug Had Early Side Effects
      Worrisome Reactions Began Appearing Within Months of Going on U.S. Market, FDA Records Show

      Life-threatening reactions to the anemia drug Omontys began appearing within months of when the treatment went on the market, according to a review of regulatory records.

      Adverse-event reports to the Food and Drug Administration, obtained under the federal Freedom of Information Act, show for the first time how early the drug's worrisome reactions emerged. Omontys, from Affymax Inc. and Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., was linked to allergic reactions and respiratory distress beginning in August 2012, shortly after it went on the U.S. market in late April....

      A total of 98 "adverse events" tied to the drug were reported to the FDA by Feb. 22 of this year, the day before the recall. There were 12 deaths among the reports to the FDA, but the cause of death wasn't specified, and the patients getting dialysis and Omontys are by definition already very sick. Takeda said there were five deaths that the companies considered in deciding to recall Omontys lots on Feb. 23.

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      • Words of wisdom my friends!

      • You are FULL OF #$%$.All drugs has allergies to some people. The damn stock down to almost 0.There is no damn news here.IDIOT

      • The only issues were with .o2% of the patient population and the rumor is it may be due to some wrong dosage or preconditions. Competing drug has more than .02% adverse effect. Takeda was right no to fight and pull, at dif of JNJ. Shorters brought it all the way down, triggered margin calls and scared retail clients. Now prop desks are on the other side bringing it up. Made money on way down and way up. Currently Merril, BoA fidelity JIMHO among others try to slow down the rise. had big order at 1.81 this morning ask was 1.78 for some time still did not go through

      • Still swinging that SHORT BAT are you...Well the umpire says YOU"RE OUT !!! There were 5 deaths ONLY and 2 were immediately dismissed due to other causes...AND I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE...But just keep swinging that SHORT BAT...Hell, you've been up to this plate well over 1000 times already and still keep whiffing. Not ready for the major leagues my dear friend. But be careful, fairly soon YOU'LL BE HIT BY A WILD PITCH !!!

    • Do you dare venture to guess what? 7-11 and 8-15?

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