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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Jul 3, 2013 1:23 PM Flag


    Writing style is virtually identical AND he has actually posted back and forth trying to somehow validate his posts from within using his different aliases.

    PS. Shredaholic "suggested" that I have never posted anything substantive...OBVIOUSLY NEVER READ ANY OF MY ANALYTIC POSTS or, MORE LIKELY, has no use for straight up analysis and factual references that I have PROVIDED ALL OVER THE PLACE BOTH HERE AND ON QCOR BOARD....But that is EXACTLY why I encourage all to go to QCOR board to VALIDATE MY HISTORY, CREDENTIALS AND PERFORMANCE. Which GWP=AFFYTOZERO=SHREDAHOLIC collectively REFUSED TO DO WHEN I OFFERED A SIMPLE WAY TO CONFIRM THEMSELVES...HE (they) are CON ARTISTS AND THIEVES who "collectively" work 24/7 TELLING PEOPLE TO SELL. I have ONLY PROVIDED INFO AND ANALYSIS and NOT BUY/SELL recommendations.

    SO WHO IS THE VALID PLAYER HERE...More to the point who has been the only one to open themselves up to full scrutiny??? NOT THIS GUY with multiple ALIASES. And I have ALWAYS been just Maxdad here and on the Questcor board...JUST CHECK and the answer is simple.

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    • The truth is that Shredaholic and Maxdad are the same person!

    • Welcome back Max. Hope you had a good vacation. One of the guys from the other Board was asking about ya today.

    • Maxdad, THANK YOU for proving how completely clueless you are. Once again, you make things up with NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER.

      If you were smart and actually took the time to do DD before you jump to wild conclusions, you would check my posting history over the past year, and you would find that NOWHERE have I posted on boards that Godwin has posted on. I had no clue who Godwin was until I came on this board.

      Also, if you were smart and actually took the time to do DD before you jump to wild conclusions, you would've noticed how I pointed out errors Godwin has made as well, such as pointing out his claim that retail could not short AFFY was not true (Interactive Brokers has had shares to short). You would also find that I disagreed with Godwin's accusations that you are a paid pumper.

      Also, your track record with QCOR is IRRELEVANT to AFFY. They are different stocks with completely different situations. Citing your track record on QCOR is like me citing my past track record on past OTCBB/pink sheet pump and dumps. It's meaningless.

      I happen to agree with most of what Godwin says, but that does not mean I am him. Using your same logic, you could argue that you and Jagan and a few others are the same person as well.

      If your DD on me is really that bad, that doesn't bode well as to your DD on AFFY.

      And it's still true that, so far, you have been mostly WRONG about AFFY. You were wrong about the shareholders meeting. You were wrong about the EU meeting. You have been wrong so far about any buyout. You were wrong about your claims about Takeda paying 10K to AFFY. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. That is a miserable track record. You can't keep leaning on your QCOR track record because it's a different stock.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • WHY ON EARTH WOULD I EXPECT YOU TO STOP LYING NOW...Your writing styles are identical and you give yourself away making the same points as each other !!! It doesn't take much to KNOW you, Godwin and Affytozero ARE ONE AND THE SAME PIECE OF BASH TRASH 24/7 !!! And anybody with half a brain (which would be at least twice what you possess) will recognize me, my posts and that I provide the most thorough analysis and info here....And that includes occasionally being incorrect, which I have ALWAYS tried to correct whenever I've been shown I was wrong....and that just takes looking back through my posts to verify...THE THREE OF YOU (oops, I MEAN YOU) just post twisted, contorted and purposely misleading KRAPP day in and day out, for what purpose? If you are so certain you're correct you should be just sitting on the sidelines drinking pina coladas waiting for what you are so certain is imminent failure. In all my years in this business I have NEVER EVER seen a case like Omontys NOT returning to the market!!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER, whereas 100s of "MAY CAUSE DEATH" drugs have been, ARE, and will continue to be on the market. EVERY ARGUMENT YOU OFFER BELIES THIS ONE HARD, COLD 100% FACT...And there's NOTHING that can or will change that. YOU ARE SIMPLY WRONG ON THIS ONE AND WILL LEARN THE HARD WAY IF YOU'RE SHORT AND STAY SHORT!!!

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