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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Jul 10, 2013 5:19 PM Flag

    BlackRock, Inc.'s Latest Schedule 13G - Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders Success Story

    OK Longs, now it is time once again for you pumpers, including Maxdad, to put a positive spin on this Fund's latest Sched. 13G just filed today. BlackRock reports that, as of July 8, 2013, it now owns 198,928 AFFY shares.

    BlackRock, Inc.'s previous filed Sched. 13G disclosed that, as of Feb. 4, 2013, it owned 2,488,194 AFFY shares.

    Looks like Maxdad, expstktrader, jagan, wildbill, udanut, savvymonkey, diejour, strong, and their ilk have been successful in helping BlackRock dump 2,289,266 AFFY shares soon to become worthless on retail AFFY Bagholders. This is just one example of an Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders success story. You will see others as Maxdad's cronies are required to file their Sched. 13Gs.

    I look forward to all the thumbs down this post will generate from the paid pumpers. I also look forward to any positive spin they might try to concoct about BlackRock's dump of more than two and a quarter million shares of Affymax.

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    • Glad all of you AFFY longs are busy printing profits. Just be sure and take your profits before WS takes them from you.

    • Ok they sold. Now the Q is who bought the shares because the MFing stock didn't collapse now did it. A fund selling isn't going to help you scare this down so your 10 puts will make you $100.... Jesus Cr where do these MFing board bashers come from? Seems like every stock I'm in there's some mental ward patient in here all evening talking #$%$ on the YMBs. Right?

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    • GO and check cnbc affy ownership which is most updated and it shows 3.3 million last week I check it was showing 1.8 million but now its showing 3.3 million its mean black rock increase there position. Wow u are so scared and checkin affy secondry filing every minute. We all know ur agenda

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      • GO and check and check the Sched 13G filings which is most updated and it will confirm what I posted. drsayseed is either naively mistaken and in denial, a paid AFFY pumper, or who knows what other than just wrong. His agenda aligns with Maxdad, expstktrader and their concerted ilk as part of Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders. These guys lie all the time and complain when I post facts that establish they are lying.

    • What is SO BIZARRE about your post is that it should be obvious that even if you were right about me being a pumper or sheep or whatever, I certainly have done NOTHING that has benefitted BlackRock under any Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders. This situation has played out, continues to play out and will ultimately get resolved. You and I vehemently disagree with the outcome that we believe likely to occur, but neither I nor anyone on your HIT LIST has done anything other than generally watch the price decline along with you and your bash trash troop. I'm personally about 40k under water so I certainly have yet to serve my own investing interests. BUT What I truly don't understand at all (and many others have commented on this as well) is why YOU ARE STILL HERE AT ALL? If in fact you've made the killing you've claimed to have made, most people would have long since cashed out and been truly delighted with that investment or trade. The only conclusion I have reached along with others is that you're either lying about this too or have some other nefarious agenda. Mine has been simple...provide whatever info and analysis I have for anyone interested in reading it to help with their own analyses...Nothing more or less. I continue to believe that Omontys will be restored and that Affy's shareholders at that point in time will be amply rewarded...What's left in all of this for you other than to try to terrify people into doing something they otherwise might not do??? I/we just don't get you and your relentless rants...

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      • Maxdad I have wondered the same thing as well. GWP and the Greycorner tell us they are here for altruistic purposes to enlighten the uninformed about the potential devastating pitfalls of owning this stock. My understanding is that if Bankruptcy is declared then the shorts don't need to cover and it creates a low or non taxable event when the stock goes to zero. That seems to be a dangerous game to play if there is even a low, say 10-20% chance a resolution is found and the drug comes back to market. Then you are forced to cover above $5 or much higher. Again seems like pitching for pennies when you have made a tremendous amount of money on the way down.

      • Maxfraud. I am just cannot stand WS sickos fraudsters such as yourself and what I describe as Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders. IMHO you are here only to help your cronies dump worthless AFFY shares on unsophisticated retail who might be misled by your posts. Here are some fact. 12 Fatalities and 98 Total adverse incidents since O product launch as per WSJ article, not just 3 deaths as you post. You also posted that Takeda, not AFFY, hired TBG to conduct AFFY's operations and that Takeda gave AFFY $10M working capital, neither of which is true. You have touted $6 to $27 per share AFFY buyouts which are patently absurd. You post that AFFY's $600M NOL alone justifies a huge pps buyout which is not true either. You are a total lying Judas Sheep leading AFFY retail to financial shearing, skinning, gutting and butchering should any follow your advice to buy and hold AFFY. I do not like GS JPM #$%$ like you.

    • For what its worth i have bought shares of affy @ 1.25 about a month ago "pure spec play...I dont want to loose but wont kill me if it happens ". I can tell you I knew nothing about this stock and still dont know as much as maxdad or even godwinpeak but i can sure tell you this.....with godwins post i find more in line with p/p/s than any other post, although i would much rather see maxdads scenerio play out....I have this only to judge
      1-Todays post about blacrock
      2-With draw from eu
      3-No news at all
      4-A shrinking p/p/s
      5-No resoultion with going to otc..or lack of
      ........after all just come out with it good or bad.......

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      • They will hold your head under water as long as they can until you tap-out. And for the record, Black Rock didn't sell all their shares which means they still believe there is a chance for AFFY to turn around. They just did what any smart investor should have done by now...which most obviously is to double down at extremely oversold levels and slowly back their head out by releasing shares during the pump jobs that were executed 4 and 5 different times since Feb. I did the same.. and have reduced my position successfully. Losses were avoided (on the contrary, profit), and I am now vested at a comfortable level so that if the price goes to 4+, I make decent money. If she tanks to 0.25, then my portfolio doesn't suffer.

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    • I think you should sell your shares and do something productive.

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