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  • expstktrader expstktrader Jul 11, 2013 10:55 PM Flag

    Japanese Culture In Business Deals

    How does it look if a Takeda Japanese JV deal like this one goes South. Not very well, in current and FUTURE deals, so in saving FACE the Brenner Group was hired to restructure the finances and cut costs which they are doing a damn good job if you see the recent filings!!! In the meantime Takeda is doing what they can to conduct a Root Cause Analysis to deal with it head on and then develop a mitigation plan to move forward....

    Stay tuned friends.

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    • In case you haven't noticed expstktrader, the deal has already gone South. AFFY has terminatied ALL of its officers and employees and shut down operations. Its stock has fallen from a high of $27 to a buck or less. There is no face left to save. It is pathetic to watch your rainbow, skittles, fantastical pumps so you can dump worthless AFFY shares as it goes BK.

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      • BUT PLEASE ADD TO THE LAST MESSAGE THAT THE INVESTMENT IN "AFFY" IS AN INVESTMENT IN THE OMONTYS PAYOUTS (Milestone payments and PERPETUAL royalties which amount to many hundreds of MILLIONS or more based on the POST-Withdrawal AMENDED Agreement between Affymax and Takeda. This is available for anyone to see to make your own calculation of what these royalties/milestone payments are worth once Omontys has been restored to the marketplace. NOTE AGAIN...There are hundreds and hundreds of drugs ON THE MARKET, with mortality stats far worse than 3 in 25000 patients. You just need to watch MOST Rx commercials to hear the warnings of "Potential Death" or "Potentially Fatal" to know this to be true....AND NO Rx's (that I have ever heard of...anyone, anyone?) that have been permanently withdrawn with this level of fatality stats...And all the evidence points to human error by Fresenius personnel though this is conjecture at this point and the investigation would HAVE TO PROVE THAT IT WAS SOMETHING COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO HYPERSENSITIVITY/ANAPHYLAXIS for this NOT TO BE FRESENIUS' personnel's fault....And then it would have to still be a problem without a solution...GWP, that's the risk this has come down to. NO MORE, NO LESS and everyone here (with the exception of you few members of Bash Trash anonymous) KNOWS THIS!!!

        So please save yourself a few keystrokes and what may be a huge amount of money (FOR YOU if you REALLY ARE SHORT) and stop your insanities!!! They are ALL false assertions or lazy, misleading syllogisms that are 100% designed to contort the truth for whatever is your nefarious objectives relative to Omontys, Affymax, Takeda or the rest of us that are actually swayed ONLY by truths...You've proven yourself to be an adept lawyer by your behavior here, but far-far-far from a competent analyst of what is really going on!!! Had a few minutes and thought we needed still another chat about your deceptions...

      • AND STILL ANOTHER MASSIVE DECEPTION...Yes, EVERYBODY HERE KNOWS Affymax is no longer an operating company!!! There is zero value in it being an operating company. And everybody KNOWS THAT TOO. And in fact the fatalities may have been very convenient for Takeda to take over Omontys when it is restored to the market. Which most of us with brains have confidence WILL HAPPEN...WHY? Because NO DRUG is permanently pulled with the fatality stats of Omontys...NONE, NEVER, EVER EVER!!! But JUST SO people would know I just posted the fatality and related stats DIRECTLY OFF THE FDA WEBSITE which AFFIRM ALL MY PRIOR POSTS and REJECTS YOUR CONTINUOUS REPEATING OF FALSE STATS FROM SOME WSJ Article which you appear to be using as your basis. Thanx but NO THANX I'll take my stats from the FDA and YOU SHOULD TOO...3 FATALITIES UNDER INVESTIGATION!!! And so the remaining question is will AFFY go bankrupt prior to restoration of OMONTYS in the MARKETPLACE...Virtually everyone else here has seen my posts on this (along with several others) showing why Takeda has ZERO INTEREST (and quite the contrary) in allowing AFFY to go under. ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH and AFFY has more than enough current assets to withstand a good long while against virtually no current liabilities (but these will be updated to the public in the next couple of weeks by TBG EXACTLY as such). SO THE ONLY THING LEFT IN YOUR POTENTIAL THESIS IS WHATEVER THE ODDS ARE THAT THE RETURN OF OMONTYS WILL BE WAY OFF IN THE FUTURE (late 2014 and beyond)...ALSO NOT IN TAKEDA'S INTEREST to let this go on any longer than necessary.

        KEEP CATCHING YOUR RIDICULOUS LIES but don't need an MBA from top school or to have decades as an Investment Banker to CATCH YOU....WAY TOO EASY TO SPOT YOU AS THE CONMAN YOU HAVE BEEN, ARE AND APPARENTLY WILL CONTINUE TO BE!!! EASY !!!

      • GWP, it is really too bad that all “you” can see is investment $$$$’s (most likely your own due to your stated short position or your boss’s to keep the Bashy checks rolling in) and are not able to see a “Best Business Practice” “Lean-Six Sigma Project” in progress (the Japanese may have another name for it). Lean = Affymax/TBG have cut Costs..... To the Bone! Six Sigma = eliminating Defects (user error or manufacturing).... From all the info I have studied regarding Omontys after being placed on the market, its current Sigma level has come to be approx. 3.6 (3 defects (deaths) in 25,000 all in one month's time frame ???) most likely due to improper administration/training (help yourself to all the news articles regarding dialysis centers, one you could very well be working for in particular) or possibly manufacturing process. Before Omontys was placed on the market it’s Sigma appears to have been “6” (less than 1 defect (death) in 1,000,000). Quality control in Japan is Job 1! There are many examples, just look around. Oh yes, Quality Control is returning to the USA and in some cases, never left. I personally have no doubt that an investigation by Takeda and other interested parties (due to the enormous amount of $’s invested in Omontys), to determine and eliminate the defects is underway.

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