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  • t0m.mirabit0 t0m.mirabit0 Jul 12, 2013 7:54 PM Flag


    I never heard this term till I started reading posts on this message board.
    I’ve read it most in postings from GWP who claims to be trying to stop people from becoming same yet GWP refused to answer whether he himself is responsible for creating the very same.
    If you sold 94,000 short, shares you didn’t own, to other people explain how you live with yourself.

    How does GWP the short seller live with GWP the missionary?
    You might also explain how a well educated man sells other people’s property.
    You’re not an idiot so one would expect you know the difference between right and wrong.
    How is it you don’t understand you made what you know to be wrong. Bagholders.

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    • I just saw another bagholder post. Can't see himself for what he really is.
      Tell us all how you care so much.

    • Is that true? I thought you shorted at $15. Was that true?

    • If people refuse to listen and hold the AFFY bag, it is not because of me. Unlike Maxdad, expstktrader and the cadre of incessant pumpers, I advise against a buy and hold strategy for AFFY. TD Ameritrade compelled me to buy back the 94,000 AFFY shares from the put contracts the very same day they were exercised. Consequently, my trade left noone holding the AFFY bag. WS has it rigged so retail cannot short AFFY. Why do you suppose that is? Maxdad and his ilk will try to fool idiots into thinking WS wants them to become rich by buying AFFY. Do your own DD, but be aware of Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders.

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      • Are you saying you bought the shares from yourself?
        Did TD borrow the shares to exercise your puts and then ask you to buy them back?
        Did any of this involve a naked short position?

      • Look at each of every Long's posts. We all know the risks involved. AFFY may go to zero too. We are aware of it, no need education.

        In everyone of my posts I said that too! If O is not coming to the market, it may be worthless.

        Can O may not return to the market, the probably of not coming is .02% VS coming to market 99.98%! That is based on 25000 Patient population, First day reaction (it is emphasized over and over again even from the recent EMA withdrawal PR and the efficacy once administered to patients is PROVEN BEYOND DOUBT). That is why Takeda is continuing the trial for other indications and it is continuing for the past 7 + years, not 1 or 2 years, continuously they have been treated for 7 Years!

        Get lost, stop your #$%$ post!

        I wish the stock stays at these till Wednesday, I'll be loading another 17500 shares, I'll post my trade and holding then here.

        GLTA LONGS!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • It's a dollar a share. Your advice stinks!!!!

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