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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Jul 28, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    Bottom Feeders...

    With a little detective work I found the blog of one of the SA bash trash whack pack (you won't have any problem figuring out who it is...though it could easily be an alias of one of our Affy friends). Once you figure out who it is go ahead and read his other posts on SA. His track record is anything but spectacular (at best 50-50) and in particular I loved that he said "NEVER" to LinkedIn at $200 (now $208)...

    One doesn't have to even get past this youngster's blog site name to see he's a bottom feeder...writes well, can't do analysis without gross manipulations, omissions and outright lies...have fun with this friends!!!

    welcometothegutter DOTT COMM Speaks for itself, eh?

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    • Well, maxdad, it looks like your "detective work" is absolutely horrible. Is is extremely evident now that you are "livatyl" on the SA article.

      It is clear that you have misrepresented my track record, as I showed in a comment that I just posted. I clearly show that my track record is NOT 50-50, but it wouldn't surprise me that you didn't take the time to actually do the research on're the one who also did the poor DD on my posting history here and tried to make absolutely ridiculous assertions that Godwin and I were the same person. Should I add the numerous claims you've made about AFFY here so far that have turned out to be wrong?

      Thank you maxdad for exposing just how bad your "research" is. You of all people should NOT be talking about track records, as yours regarding AFFY is miserable.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 1 Reply to shredaholic
      • Shred, IF you are YngvaiMalmsteve (Seeking Alpha) aka James Krieger blogger of welcometothegutter dot com then you ARE ADMITTING TO MULTIPLE ALIASES. It was his numerous posts on Seeking Alpha that showed a 50-50 (at best) track record on his various opinions. I looked at every single stock he provided commentary, his stated position and how the stock did...The MOST NOTABLE ONE WAS LINKEDIN where he said "NEVER POSSIBLE" for it to reach $200 (closed at $208 on Friday)...but there were many others where he was dead wrong...I don't care whether you believe me or not, the evidence is right there on YngvaiMalmsteve's various SA posts for people to review themselves and reach EXACTLY THE SAME CONCLUSION. If this also happens to be one of your aliases, then the shoe fits impeccably !!! My "DETECTIVE WORK" on James Krieger, AKA YngvaiMalmsteve, POTENTIALLY AKA Shredaholic, GWP, et al is what it is, an effective way to root out an organized bunch of con artists or a single con artist, though Krieger's blogsite welcometothegutter dot comm speaks entirely for itself about his dual identity and track record...AND HE'S JUST A KID...Smart, talented writer...horrible analyst!!! YOU TOO !!!

        PS...If one wants to check out my track record, particularly about my taking on bashers like yourself, they simply need to go back to the QUESTCOR YMB (QCOR) to verify about 10 months of evidence with 100% demonstration.

        PS. And I never, ever hid the fact that my SA screen name is Livalytl

    • Uh-oh, Maxdad, I think you struck a nerve. WOW, such a reaction from the wounded one. They can't hide, even under a rock. Jim

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The next time you try to claim "manipulations, ommisions, and outright lies', try not to omit information and lie about my track record, OK?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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