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  • buzzer551137e buzzer551137e Jul 28, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    comments to SA article

    It would behoove everyone to read the comments...mostly the critics of the that you don't get blindsided by this stock when it does drop. I bought this stock right around the time the article came out and benefited from the immediate feeding frenzy around it when it spiked, took profits and got out. After reading the comments from the article, I was glad I did! It is sketchy at best. The so called "bashers" seem to be just stating well researched facts and raising concerns about the stock. The author, on the other hand takes on an unsettling angry and defensive posture, not necessarily backed up with substance and left this reader happy to be out of potential harms way. GLTA

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    • Buzz - You must be kidding! Have you substantiated "well researched facts and raising concerns about the stock"? You may learn what the phrase "figures don't lie, but liars figure". The same truth applies to facts, especially when they are outdated relative to current developments and ongoing initiatives. Remember the situation is fluid. The deceivers want you to believe conditions are solid as granite. Don't fall for it, no matter how artfully they espouse the English language. This board is full of sycophantic Uncle Pumblechooks. You will do well by yourself to learn to differentiate. Jim

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    • Are you still happy to be out of potential harm's way? Whoops. Never mind.

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    • Come on, sing it for me... "Whoops! You made a mistake, that's all. And making mistakes is never fun. Just say whoops! I made a mistake, that's all. And mistakes can happen to anyone."

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    • Dig deeper...Look at the main critic and ALL his other my post on BOTTOM FEEDERS and go to this guys blog...The other poster, GWP, is a certifiable whack job basher who has posted well over a thousand posts here...ALL OF WHICH are riddled with deceit and outright falsehoods. Your money, your call, but I certainly wouldn't put ANY STOCK in what they have to say...They are and have been on a relentless mission for reasons we can only speculate about. But certainly not for the welfare of anyone here. And just so you know how whacked out GWP is, he claims he shorted from $15, was forced to cover at about $1 (involuntary to deal with his options) and then SHORTED AGAIN at $1.00...NOT MY SAYING THIS...JUST GO BACK through GWP's posts to see (fairly recent).

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      • Ohhhh, Maxdad fails to see the irony in his posts when he accuses others of deceit and falsehoods. Maxdad aka livalytl misrepresented my track record by taking ONE example where I was wrong, and then claiming my track record was "50/50 at best". However, I clearly show in my response that my track record was nearly 70%, something Maxdad failed to do with his so-called "detective work". Of course, maxdad also accused me on this board of being Godwin, something anyone could've figured out wasn't true by just a cursory comparison of our posting histories. Should I also bring out the numerous examples of Maxdad's calls regarding AFFY and how they've all turned out to be false so far? Maxdad should not be accusing anyone of deceit or falsehoods when he demonstrably makes false statements.

        Yes, go to my blog. You will find that I've always been 100% honest and upfront about my good calls and bad calls. In fact, I've received a lot of respect from people in a trading world where most people don't talk about their losses; they only talk about their wins.

        If my posts are riddled with deceits and falsehoods, then you should easily be able to point out where...and provide evidence to back it up...something you've never been able to do when asked to. I am starting to wonder if you understand the meaning of the term "evidence" and "facts".

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    • I love how you state "when it does drop" with regard to AFFY as if it was a given that it was going to happen. LOL... Your crystal ball must be better than mine.

      Either way, congratulations on your steak dinner. I hope that you enjoyed it. I, on the other hand, am here for the whole cow, and the farmland that it grazes in, too.

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      • crystal ball here and not even sure It will drop anytime soon, but in cases like this, I wouldn't sleep well with holding a position after all I've read here. Plus, unlike other SA articles I've read, this one was written by someone who seems to lack a little rational credibility somehow. Just a feeling, although I got a little swept up in the article, as well. It was his responses to the comments that raised the red flags. Hey, I wish the best for all that are behind this stock, don't get me wrong. Just not for me, that's all...but I will be watching to see what happens.

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