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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Jul 28, 2013 7:00 PM Flag

    Third times the charm!

    Maxdad, Expstktrdr, jagan, savvymonkey and the other pumpers are busy leading another flock to financial slaughter via the AFFY shearing, skinning and gutting pump and dumps that have happened twice before in about as many months. IMHO it is a good trading environment for these WS GS JPM pharma "insiders". They like to try and convince you that they are only here to make you rich. It seems to me that they buy at $1, pump and cheer for a pretty good trading return I admit, sell at the top and then do it all over again. They have done it twice before. Third time is the charm. I am aware of this. I have always said that if you can play the MM swings then have at it, but take your profits when able. Maxdad, Expstktrdr, et al. want you not to trade, but to buy and hold. Do not fall for it. Apparently some MF HF still owns lots of shares and need to dump AFFY before BK happens which will come like a thief in the night. Just do not be caught holding the AFFY bag when it does so.

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    • I haven't sold a single share...and won't until the investigation is over and deal occurs. Only at that point will either of KNOW who was right for sure. So NO DUMP with me...for a few dimes...ridiculous. What is more ridiculous is that you covered your short position and then took it back!!! Why would anyone have actually initiated (re-initiated) a short position on this when the upside is so small and the downside so HUGE upon news of Omontys' return. Your original $15 (or so you said) short position will be totally wiped out with you trying to figure out how to dig yourself out of one hell of a mess!!!

    • Maxdad and Exp: Calling all sheep!

    • My fourth article will be just as powerful...

      Also - Some of you are scalpers....ok, take your $.20 cents...and miss the BIG run....not really my style.

      Some of you should trade some and hold some.....if this works for you?

      I haven't sold a share FWIW...

      Do what's right for you. The stock has held as I suggested before the SA article hit and someone was accumulating shares. The article uncovered what the value buyers already knew and jumped in harder....

      Is this stock right for you? Maybe so and maybe not? In any event stay diversified and be prudent to your trading plan.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • gwp..I don't post here much but could you explain to me why you are so concerned about saving me money? Thx

    • Three words, GWP... One. Week. Chart.

      Take a look at the chart to the right hand side of this message post. That's the response that we got to a well-written Seeking Alpha article. Can you imagine what the response will be when actual information is released from either AFFY or Takeda?

      Your bashing here is just getting tiresome. Seriously. You should change your ID to "skippingrecordalbum", because that's what you sound like lately. "Do not fall for it, do not be caught holding the bag SKIP fall for it, do not be caught holding the bag SKIP fall for it, do not be caught holding the bag SKIP fall for it..."

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      • 1 Reply to thesavvymonkey777
      • Nobody is luring in anyone to take a position, at least I'm not of that type. Never sold one share of my 66 K. Either I'll loose 66 K or will make 600 K, this is the bet I'm willing to take after learning the outcome from Takeda's investigation.

        Will it fall back to 80 cents? Yes of course, so long as shorts out there. But the selling is way over done, those smart az zes are covering and not to get a surprise announcement like What LEAP shorts went thru recently.

        I said many times, the Odd favours a long position until $3 without any news.

        GLTA LONGS!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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