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  • expstktrader expstktrader Aug 8, 2013 7:39 PM Flag

    My Work Is To Inform Followers )))))))

    First, I'm not here to convert anyone. I own a research firm plain and simple. My research is extensive and my record its solid if you have followed me over the years. Don't confuse what gets mentioned here as a pump. Its information that you may use in deciding what's right for you. I'm personally in and holding. Added to my position too or I wouldn't have written about this company for you to review. That's how I operate.

    Second, my true passion would be to get a hold of Marissa Mayer at Yahoo and rid all these YMBs of hateful people like we see here day and night. I mostly see ficticious FAKE bullshitters posting #%€! For someone who is probably accumulating the stock. That would explain the rise. More buyers than sellers? Open your eyes. Example: I went through this on LNG at 3,4,5,7 was just a lot of $&@! and turns out that Blackrock, JPM, Orbis and some otheres were in there buying it all up....Stock went to $30. Yes $30.

    I have traded stocks for 30 years. A true and passionate Growth Stock picker since I can remember....all the waaaay back from owning Medco, VISX, Columbia Pictures, Snapple, New Line Cinema, US Surgical, Price Club, and sooo many other good companies. Digging deep, daily, weekly, and looking at the news and holding through the Bluffs.....Value Plays, Reversal Plays, and so forth.

    The goal here is to wait for news on the Omontys black box relabel which I believe could happen. Sub-q use only. No intravenous. The testing is a tactic. The drug worked,period. Data already points to other activities that are not O's issues.

    Fresenius, Takeda, AFFY all have much to gain if they work together. I think they will. Evidence is pointing there. Expect more updates soon. Be good.

    TC, EXPstocktrader

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    • Hi Expstktrader - I loved your post. Do you have any other stocks you keep track or research that I can follow or how do I become member?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The EXPstocktrader group research goes to HFs, brokers, Drs, professors, CEOs, and all types of followers worldwide (Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Germany, Canada, Estonia, and many other countries.....) then they decide to get in or sit on the fence once received. I might only post 10% stock info here to get a glimpse if at all since I do despise the putrid rediculousness on 99% of most YMBs. You know what I mean. Trash.

      I have been around a long time so everyone gets that I'm real by now except many two posters here. Too funny actually!

    • Hey;
      I ALWAYS respected point of your VIEW and i am really confident what will happen next...regards

    • lazydoty Aug 26, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

      Thank you !!!!!

    • The shorts are eating CROW again and making brutal accusations about me for the past few months for that matter.

      Question: How's that working for you guys???

      And, as for my "stay diversified" comment the other day, I mean just that.

      My follwwers should not be in just one stock, but rather several stocks that have very good upside. Also, EXPstocktrader followers are not just in AFFY FWIW, but rather invested into several stocks and some ETF's of which..... MOST ARE RUNNING HIGHER. (IE) $IBB from $100. Or, do the short bashers here want to call IBB a P&D too. Still holding.

      Of course, if you followed the monthly research you would know this.

      You are either..... ON THE MONEY TRAIN ....or NOT ? ..... It's Your Choice.

      OK, be good.


    • Thank you for your informed contributions to this message board. I have a home inspection today on a house "down the shore" funded in part from the Questcor piggy bank. AFFY will buy the used pickup truck and Boston Whaler for the new garage. When the time comes,I plan to name the boat "Affy".

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    • Some deceiver is talking about a plan like he is all knowing? The plan per Brenner Group is to do the restructuring which, "for the most part is done" then wait for Takeda to tell us about the details they have agreed upon with the FDA. Most all of the industry experts say that the drug worked and it points to Human Error or the problems would have been more Widespread. Think!

      AFFY, Takeda and Fresenius all have much to gain here. For many months the drug worked until one day in Feb? Think!

      Also, anyone harassing this board or calling people bag holders or other names gets reported to Yahoo. Stop it. Go spam or work your bash campaign on the Fresenius board or Intuitive Surgical board where they have 100's of reported errors being disclosed. AFFY had a few and they are from two Fresenius centers per DD.


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      • Good stuff exp!!!!!!! iv been long for a long time with affy and am waiting for the day to come when takeda tells us whats goin on. We are all here since we kinda kno how this is going to end.
        GTLA LONGS!!!!!!!!

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      • Exp, I certainly hope longs and shorts are reading the essence of your message. Newbies, it boils down to the fact that "Exp, along with a core group of additional trustworthy posters, whose excellent DD is also shared, are not twisting your arm to trade one way or the other. They are also not trying to save you from yourself. Rather valuable info/facts gleaned from their DD is being offered for anyone's consideration. Where possible, references, for the purpose of verification, are provided. It has been repeatedly stated that "free choice" is always yours and one is urged to exercise it prudently."

        As for bash or pump trash, you will recognize them by the hollowness of their posts and by their failure to provide references when solicited. Infrequently, so-called verification is offered but when one reads the original then it is realized that either it is a sound bite out of context and/or a not so masterfully twisting of words. Also, the bash trash are bereft of the ability to understand irrefutable facts. It is that or they must be purposefully ignoring them.

        In closing, if you are new to this board (I was at one time.) make it a personal commitment to follow Exp's explicit instruction, i.e. "Think!" Adequate DD is impossible without doing so.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Totally unscrupulous posters. Satanlosenadir was pleading with the longs to sell at 1.58 to 'protect profits'. Now the double face is quoting calls numbers which has been out there for weeks to sell at 2 to you guessed it 'protect profits'. His paid hounds either have the shares they need or have covered.

      • O did not work. It failed miserably. The CKD anemia market is saturated with ESAs, mainly Epogen, Aranesp, Procrit and, in 2014, Micera, with many years of results and proven safety profiles. O in no better in efficacy, and proven to be unsafe both in PEARL studies and in actual patient usage. It by no means eagerly awaited by prescribing doctors and dialysis clinics. Do you really believe everyone is anxious to gamble with patients' lives for the mere convenience of once a month dosing when there are proven, safe alternatives readily available?

    • Thank you, expstktrader. I am new at this and appreciate very much you posting articles in a professional manner. I wish everyone would follow your method of trying to get an idea accross to others. Let's hear more from you in the future. I am going to buy AFFY after carefully reading your post, it makes so much sense.
      Thank you

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    • 1. Maxdad made me money in QCOR; he and EXPT are in alignment, therefore I am as well.
      2. I'm absolutely thrilled that 'bullshitters' gets thru the filter! Hee!

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    • Just to confirm here, expstktrader is soo on point i have followed him for awhile. Hes so good that he writes a positive article about affy, then stock shoots up. Ive made 60k i a week before from this guy

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      • 1 Reply to curtis_238
      • OK, I see, we have some non believers here. What do you think of that? Same ole story different day and not unlike what I faced when Cheniere Energy was said to be going into BK and the plans to OPEN an export LNG to buyers around the world would never ever happen, and has never been done in 100 years. Symbol LNG. Well, it was approved. Go figure. I believe I started buying in the $3s....added in the $5s and well it is $29 now folks. A pump and dump on my deep and intense article? Not very likely.

        Lets review. We only went up 15.7% today. Not a bad start to a good week and we are up from $.80 cents too after the first article. P&D? Not likely.


        Peace, EXP

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