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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Aug 23, 2013 7:50 PM Flag

    What do AFFY Longs Say about AFFY's Litigation?

    This is my understanding from reading their posts:

    AFFY's securities class actions, the shareholder derivative actions, and the anticipated products liabilities claims are obviously and utterly meritless. The fact that the securities class action alone seeks between $431M and $925M damages [with one attorney naysayer suggesting a settlement value of between $68M to $146M] does not mean that it is more than likely AFFY cannot financially survive without resort to bankruptcy protection conclude AFFY longs. Anyone who suggests that could happen is a paid basher. AFFY's disclosures that it has not set aside any reserves for litigation, that its insurance coverage could be denied or prove inadequate, that it expects to incur substantial litigation expenses going forward that it may not be able to afford, that it is contractually obligated to hold harmless its officers from any litigation liability and pay them $200 per hour for their litigation time are just STANDARD BOILERPLATE CAVEATS BEST IGNORED. Whoever buys AFFY also buys its litigation is technically correct the AFFY longs admit, but they conclude all litigation filed against AFFY is meritless and any potential AFFY buyer also understands the litigation lacks merit and should not thwart a potential buyout.

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    • #$%$ says what? Seriously, we all have our skins in the game and fully understand the risks, your bs reminds me of my financial advisor that had us ride the DJI to 7000 since we didn't want to miss the "pop" - this is ahigh stakes game not for little girls . .. Thanks for the endless advice but this is a minor side gig and we will all live to fight another day if AFFY tanks (or buy an apartment in Paris if it doesn't) - GLTAL

    • cuttlefish_and_asparagus cuttlefish_and_asparagus Aug 23, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

      The market is closed for the weekend oh KY deficient one and
      here you are posting hour after hour as if anyone will even remember any of it
      by Monday morning.

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