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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Aug 24, 2013 12:14 AM Flag

    Do I understand the 'Human Error' causing the deaths?

    Let me see if I understand. This is based on MaxDud's reasoning, so please correct me if I am wrong.

    The horrific deaths were caused by anaphylactic shock. This shock was caused by O. The shock will kill the people unless heroic efforts are made by the underpaid nurses. If the underpaid nurses are not able to heroically save all of the people whose lives are unnecessarily put at risk by the shock (caused by O), then we attribute the deaths to 'Human Error' and we sue the dialysis centers which employed the underpaid nurses.

    Do I have that right? Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you so much.

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    • Way to go MaxDad. You have had 5 replies deleted because you could not handle the truth. This thread says that there are 17 replies yet only 12 appear. Where are your comments. You are a weasel.

    • Wow! The shorts here understand the issue almost as well as the shorts understood QCOR. bwaa haa haa.

      What a fool! Edumacte yourself and stop with the National Enquirer style of drumming up emotions for your thesis. 'Underpaid', 'Heroic', etc. OMG. Nothing to do with it. Each facility incorporates standard treatment and care plans for each type of patient. It's a nurses day to day job to perform those tasks. Each facility also inspects to ensure standards are being followed. In fact, hospitals and clinics have specific departments whose job is to do just that. Facilitiies also want things like JCAHO certifications. Part of that process is JCAHO audits.

      Fresenious has a problem that is well documented with other treatment plans and drugs. Chances are they have a problem here too.

      You act like there are nurses running frantic to save lives every time someone gets this drug... you know, like the old tv show MASH when the helicopters came in with the wounded. Sigh...

      Edumacate yourselve son, you might just make more money with your investments.

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      • I am trying really hard to learn so thank you all. At first, I just thought it was O that killed people since EPO did not have the problem of killing people. But then I found out it was just the shock that O caused that killed people - but that's the nurses' fault for not preventing the shock caused by O from killing people.

        I'm still confused though because I've been told that T and F are doing a super neat-o new study in conjunction with the FDA to find out what is wrong with these weirdo people who died. They are going to look at the weird DNA of the dead people to find out why they did not respond properly to wonderful O.

        If it is just incompetent nurses at F that are to blame, then why the super neat-o new DNA study on the dead people? Can someone please untangle this web of truth? Thank you so much.

    • What a fraud.
      Here to save the chumps?
      Chumps is how you refer to them.

      What sort of consideration do you receive for your efforts here?

      Who has made many millions from your "horrific deaths" since the recall?
      This simple question shows you for what you are.

    • You have some facts correct but that is a far cry from indicating that you "understand". The above comments and subsequent ones are concrete proof of your ability to see what you want to see, use your selection as the basis of trying to develop sound logic, and thereby endeavoring to feed others' fear from a trough of unbalanced bias. GWP is pretty good when he uses the same tactics but you, TGC display a tendency of being moronic. Give it up and go sell apples on the street corner. You really are pathetic. JIm

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Less adjectives next time if you don't want people to see through you. ( horrific, heroic, underpaid, heroically ) How much do the nurses get paid anyway? since you know they are underpaid.

    • Don't pay attention to GC, he's been drinking with GWP again... Those two knuckleheads don't know when to stop and end up making an #$%$ of themselves. LOL

    • I'm sorry, you are totally correct in that it is unreasonable to expect the dialysis technicians to be prepared for the rare adverse reactions that there is a giant warning for ... I have seen the light - the signage all over the ICU's begging medical staff to wash their hands after procedures is extra reassurance of the competence of the rank and file, not knocking health care workers but do you really think they are all perfect? My father passed last year from a medically resistant staph infection in a "good" hospital last year. Heroic efforts, give me a break - these were clearly f'ups - us "contrarians" are banking on it - the sad thing is that affymax has been decimated by screw ups of subprofessionals in the dialysis clinics - Friday night, back to the JW Blue ...

    • Have you heard of reviewing patient medical history prior to administering drugs?.....for drugs interactions, existing medical conditions, dosages, contraindications, etc....

    • If you're supposed to get 10cc of a certain medicine and your are given 100cc is that human error? I guess not because you're not getting paid enough. HAHA What is the price we need to pay every nurse in the country so they don't make any more mistakes? Oh and we should also hire more because they are overworked AND ALSO pay more. LOL BECAUSE ONCE YOU ARE PAYING EVERYONE A MILLION A YEAR THEY SUDDENLY WILL NO LONGER MAKE MISTAKES. LOLOLOL Thanks for the laugh.

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