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  • archarch_60477 archarch_60477 Aug 25, 2013 8:10 AM Flag

    With the ridiculous short interest in Affy, of human error occurred, Affy could open

    At 5-10 bucks on good news. Over night I might add

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • According to MaxDud, the important thing is to prosecute the nurses responsible for the deaths. Put the nurses in jail and return O to the people. If there are future deaths, it will only be because of incompetent nurses. If nurses prevent O from killing 99% of people who react violently to the drug that is not important. Unless nurses can prevent O from killing 100% of people who have extreme, life-threatening reaction, then per MaxDud's reasoning, they should be prosecuted for criminal negligence. Sad to see the group-think around here and how the love of money trumps all.

    • I think that a gap up to $5.00/share overnight is very possible if AFFY and Takeda decide to re-release OMONTYS onto the marketplace with revised labeling. This has been done before with other companies and with other drugs. Not that AFFY is anything like ELN, but ELN ran from less than $3.00/share up to more than $30.00/share after it reintroduced TYSABRI with revised labeling, and that was in response to an involuntary recall. AFFY's recall was voluntary, and so it's a whole different story over here with even more potential than ELN, as far as I am concerned. Plus, there's a very low float here, and so the response to any good news at all could be completely monstrous.

      $10.00/share would most likely be a "ramp up" level for this stock based on the sales success of OMONTYS after it is reintroduced. AFFY would be on the hook at that time to receive royalties based on sales figures per the terms and conditions in the revised amendment between AFFY and Takeda. I wouldn't be surprised to see AFFY return to $15.00/share or higher if the combination of events is right, but I would probably have a reduced position leading up to that level after it broke through $10.00/share just to lock in the massive profits.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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