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  • t0m.mirabit0 t0m.mirabit0 Aug 26, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

    Wall Street at its best?

    I researched Friday's opening contracts on Affy, we individual investors are no longer able to open contracts however....
    "Market-Makers and exchanges will be allowed to enter opening transactions to offset a closing transactions. As a result of no opening option transactions for AFFY your order was correctly rejected."
    This is Etrade's second choice reply to my inquiry when pressed for a correct answer.
    The first response was bs.
    Not a surprise seeing how it took 2 pieces of legislation for congress to stop themselves from trading on inside info. I guess Market-Makers and exchanges have been elevated to congressional representatives.
    There were no open contracts prior to that trade.

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    • A superior class of investors. MM and exchanges are allowed what the public isn't. Sounds like the sweet deal congress had with trading on insider info. Just because its not illegal doesn't make it right.
      There are now 200 newly opened contracts for the Oct .50. How can you trust anything you see from these guys. And where are the regulators? What kind of bs rules have they put in place? What am I thinking? These are the same people who see nothing wrong with selling other people's property. Can someone explain where they got these special privileges?

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