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  • oshinator54 oshinator54 Aug 29, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    Me think they doth protest too much

    I don't know whether I will score or crash & burn being long AFFY. But the degree to which the shorts seem to be frantically (just read the SA headlines which hysterically screams out like a supermarket tabloid article rather than a financial analysis) tout their beliefs make me feel just a little better that long MAY be the correct position. I may be wrong but I sure as shootn don't think THEY are right based on what sounds like a desperate effort to get people to sell. I mean MAX & EXP aren't raging that we should buy, they admit it could go to zero but they believe after weighing both sides of the question that long has a better risk reward potential.

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    • Exactly, it's like Whom are you trying to convince! AFFY's A LONG Guys: Buy in while it has dipped, it shouldn't be below $2 for much longer, it's month end!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ha ha ha ha ha!!! One negative SA article and there are about 1,000 frantic YMB posts over the past 24 hours! Who is protesting too much!?!

      As for MaxSad and EXP - c'mon. EXP is a total bought-and-paid-for rah-rah. Everyone knows that. MaxCad is not as obvious but still absurdly biased. He yells 'Liar' at anyone who does not fall in line with his preposterous views. Just his repeated statements alone that the risk to LaffyStock holders is 'Insignificant' should automatically disqualify his views from being taken seriously. Thank you.

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