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  • expstktrader expstktrader Aug 29, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    Paid Bashers Who Sit Here Daily ))))))


    True story. There is no paid pumping going on here, but I do have knowledge that HFs pay people, or teams, to sit on just about every stock position that they want to trade sock in to work their agenda. They use the media too...and you know who I mean....oh yeah it's controlled and they use the unknowing retail viciously! Kind of like GS telling everyone last year in the media that the market was going to take a big hit and well it didn't. What was the goal? Kind of like the relentless Greece tragedy noise week after week! They wanted people out of the stocks so they could buy! This is how it works! Soros is the master of this trickery. It's pathetic actually! I don't operate like this. What I write about is what I believe in. Ok, moving on.....

    Example: Say a huge HF wants to take a position on XYZ shares. They bombard the boards with posts like...XYZ Is Going To Zero BS....then guess what's next, negative articles and well, they just might slam the bids for a few million $$$ in shares, then when everyone is scrambling and posting #$%$ type messages in awe...these HFs are buying everything they can! HFs laugh about this stuff, but I don#$%$ wrong!

    This is exactly the type of Orchestrated Bear Campaign that was constructed on QCOR.....imagine a stock that was slammed from $55 to $17? What a crime, so I wrote an article. No pump but tried to inform real investors that it was an opportunity. many followers listened.

    My goal here is to see the return of OMONTYS like I saw on the reversal on QCOR, it's that simple. A reversal. No games but we do get Bullsh'tted by young rookies or teams of bashers along the way called paid bashers and they have the handbook. They are here and on about every mssg board day and night working the boss' agenda. It's real.

    In case you haven't figured me out yet I am a true advocate for the investor. I follow this company and many others too FWIW, and I really despise YMB's and what they have become over the years.


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    • bumpa

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    • Can anyone answer this if you are able.

      Is it possible that any of you expert posters have spoken to people in the medical field who have real knowledge of biostats and drugs like Tysabri that was also Recalled From the Market in Early 2005 Due to PML, a Fatal Brain Condition Biogen Idec.

      Do you know the ending of what actually happened here with Tysabri? Do you want to know this my friends?

      FORBES - 2/6/13 - Biogen Idec will purchase all rights to the blockbuster multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri from its partner, Elan Pharmaceuticals, for $3.25 billion, adding a capstone to a long and tangled journey for a drug that was once withdrawn from the market.

      Tysabri, which is infused "monthly", was approved in 2004 and is more effective than other drugs at preventing MS relapses that destroy the connections between nerves in the brain and spinal cord. It was originally withdrawn because it also raised the risk of a rare but deadly brain infection. Biogen and Elan successfully reintroduced the drug. More recently, sales have increased because the companies identified a blood test that could help screen out patients at risk of that infection.

      By owning full rights to the drug, Biogen will be able to more easily streamline its marketing with other MS drugs, including Avonex and Tecfidera, formerly known as BG-12, a pill that is awaiting FDA approval.

      Most of what I read here is pure rubbish.

      What do you say about that?

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      • 1 Reply to sayedbiotech
      • Yes, we know what happened with Tysabri, and there is something important that you're leaving out.

        Tysabri was the only treatment option available. After it was removed, there was high demand from people with MS to have it back, despite the risks it carried. Since it was the only effective treatment option available, it was deemed that the benefits greatly outweighed the risks.

        This is not true with O. I don't see scores of dialysis patients begging for O to come back. I don't see scores of physicians begging for O to come back. There are already effective treatment options available, and O is not superior to any of them.

        Thus, comparisons of O to Tysabri are simply invalid.

        For every Tysabri, I can give you 3 examples of a drug that was pulled from the market that never returned, examples that are more similar to O than Tysabri is. But something tells me you don't want to hear about those.

    • Agreed, Some even go as far as saying they have no position in the stock long or short, yet are here day after day to argue and put it down.I liken it to season ticket holders who go to their home team's games and root against them week after week , yet have no loyalty to the opposing team what type of person would do that?...if that were true we would be getting into the psychotic "laces out" hatred from ace ventura.Don't believe anyone who even hints at that scenario...the only way they would be that #$%$ is if they are down a ship load and why would they bash and further hurt themselves? Any way you slice it ,it's really weird to think anyone would be here day after day unless they had a short position and were profiting from it

    • Love you XX Thanks for what you do...

      There is not I think a single person on the market that never heard of AFFY. They have fallen so much that some people say that if they comeback, it will be the biggest comeback from the history.

      Well... Having that said, and everybody watching what AFFY will do next, is very easy. Anything that AFFY will do or say in the future that has a little bit of positive will take the stock up. It's like everyone is waiting for superman to come out of the water and fly again since he drowned. You could even put another medicine in their hand and the stock would explode. No other company could do this or would have the power to do this. People love miracle... Stocks is about excitement to. So much money was lost into this, that they will try to get it back anyway they can.

      Would you buy AFFYMAX's name if you could ?... And what would you do with it ? This name is very powerfull.

      EXPstocktrader knows what's in the bucket. When a company worked hard to get at the top and get slammed by a sad event. It does rebound. Bad luck doesn't mean bad administration or stealing people's money. It only means bad luck.

      Any company that buy AFFY tomorrow would more than triple their investment.

      Oh my God AFFY has been bought out by a big company !!! You would see the level of water rising at a certain point on the ocean and see Superman coming out...

      AH! AH! AH! Well that's the way I see it.

      Like I said, AFFY has been hit by an incident... Not a misconduct... They will rebound...

      I trust EXPstocktrader... and me :)


    • Thanks to you Pharma,Md,and yes Mickylikesit,and few others I would probably not have stayed a Long investor long enough to amount to too much money. So thanks guys for all you do to help keep us informed.I am aware of how these Pro bashers work the retail,but sometimes it needs to be written.All you can do here is buy on the dips!

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    • They worked hard to scoop up shares here.

    • Now they're using multiple ID's to ask novice questions so GWP can respond.

      • 1 Reply to akswhy
      • Thank you. Fully aware. I think he's a fake HF shill too BTW so that his group can BUY its short position. His only posts are QCOR related. When AFFY pops he will disappear and create another new Yahoo profile and work on another campaign.

        If you notice, the short interest is declining. If AFFY was going BK the shorts would increase rapidly, and thats not happening.

        Also, you are correct on this comment and they are working over time too.

        My comment summarizing an interview with AFFY is this:

        If Affymax's intent was to go BK they would have done this a long time ago and they didn't.

        I am pressing for more positive updates.......

        Stay tuned.

        PS. Do any of you recall the brutal short attacks on ARNA at $1.25 around November 2011? Even AF said sell! A bullish sign. The stock rocked the biotech community and if you check you will verify that it did in fact pop hard to $13.50 folks.

    • The ....Basher Campaign Strategy..... is to..... push down..... All..... of the Good research and discussion and put their Fear Mongering and "nonsense".... on top ....

      Don't respond to the manipulated and twisted Fear posts.

      Get smart folks. These guys are pros.

      Have a good day.


    • Expstktrader, I have been following your writings and research. Thanks you for the effort. Sure would like to know more about your conversation with Dr Fishbane. I found it interesting during one of his sit down discussion sessions about the use of 1 to 2 dose per month as to quality of life and the current movement in Europe, moving away for 3 time a week treatment.

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