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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Sep 15, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    Name one company where a Lawyer got you couple of $'s per share in securities litigation?

    After 10 years you will get a notification you are entitled for few cents on the securities litigation and can file your trading details to get your money.

    Many people would have died by that time, before even they file their claims.

    The "old" lawyer says AFFY will go BK. Foolish guy does not know they all have "enough and more Insurance coverage" and the insurance companies will defend them big time.

    Just put him on ignore and move on folks.'nuf said.

    The risk has always been there, nothing new to be told.


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    • Tell all jagan. How much insurance does AFFY have for securities class actions? How much for products liability? What does AFFY itself say about its insurance coverage for its litigation. How much reserves has AFFY set aside for litigation? How much litigation liability does AFFY estimate it has? Please be specific. I doubt you can or will be. Just more of your mindless cheer leading.

      PS You were smart to follow my advice and sell your AFFY shares at $2 during the most recent runup. You will probably be able to do it again on or about October 19th when the $2 call options expire. After that. Good luck.

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      • First of all I never followed anyone like you! I sold and posted so that you shortie morons will bring down the PPS, so that I can scoop up more. I got 20% more shares than I had earlier.

        You don't keep reserves or create a liability unless it is pronounced, that is the way Accounting works, I can't explain and you won't understand.

        Every company has D&O insurance and will take care of it, AFFY is no exception to it. If you look at the SEC filing, every possible worst case scenario is listed, there is absolutely no case here.

        By that time the case comes up for hearing, we all would have made our money and gone.

        GLTA LONGS!

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