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  • declaes declaes Sep 16, 2013 8:08 AM Flag

    Serious hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylactic-type reactions, some of which have been life-threatening and fatal, have been rep

    0.2% for Feraheme (3 out of 1726)... 0.2% for Omontys ( out of 25000)... I more and more wondering why Takeda and Affymax took Omontys from the market

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    • Good News Should be coming Soon! Takeda being the 8th biggest pharmaceutical in the world naturally overreacted by pulling the drug O off of the market after the announcement of the three patients that died out of 25000 that were doing fine. One of them died of natural causes while the other two were at the same clinic which to me points to human error upon administering the drug. I do think the Longs will do fine with this ONE!

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      • Just like AFFY naturally overreacted by gutting its business and is now busy handling lawsuits, all due to Omontys I might add.

      • I posted about "why Takeda withdraw the Drug from the Market"

        (a) They suspected there might be some sort of contamination (manufacturing defect), which they would like to sort out first.
        (b) They found this an opportunity to take control of the drug.

        It looks there is no issue with the Manufacturing process, so far so good. We need to get a final response.

        Secondly elimination of AFFY management streamlined the process.

        That is why I posted yesterday about the re-introduction of the Drug, which will bring 60 MLN $ revenue per annum immediate to Takeda if they could bring 25000 patients on board, who were very positive with the Drug.

        Scale up that operation to add new patients, slow and steady. All in all despite all the Fraudsters language.

        GLTA LONGS!

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      • An excerpt from a WSJ article:

        About 25,000 patients have been treated with Omontys, Affymax said Saturday. Of those, around 0.2%—or about 50 patients—have experienced hypersensitivity, a sometimes fatal condition that can arise when the body's immune system reacts to drugs or other foreign intrusions, such as bee stings.

        About five patients were reported to have died after receiving Omontys, according to the figures provided by Affymax, and around 17 had severe allergic reactions requiring immediate medical help and, in some cases, hospitalization. The reactions could occur within 30 minutes of the first dose.

        Health-care providers were told to cease administering Omontys, approved by U.S. regulators in March 2012, and to quarantine supplies until further notice.

        PS. AFFY said the reactions were geographically diverse and not limited to any specific manufacturing lot or lots. AFFY Longs nevertheless keep repeating that the Omontys patient safety issues was most likely due to "human error" administering the drug, and not the medicine itself. Denial in AFFY longs is powerful.

    • I am thinking the same thing,why they recall DRUG ?

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    • Too freak invetors out so they and their family can buy in low or take ovr AFFY at dirt cheap price.

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