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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Sep 17, 2013 7:25 PM Flag

    Why O's is like no other!

    Before this morons posts this garbage, this is Only ESA drug, w/o anything living thing!

    This is easy to manufacture, transport, store and administer and a low cost drug and it is a synthetic peptide.

    Even the initial 60 MLN $ approximate amount with the already enrolled patients, Takeda will have a gross margin close to 70%.

    Takeda knew the competition, market landscape even when they courted AFFY for this drug. For them it is just another drug, sales, marketing, accounting and most of the other functions are going to be same ones might be some more training and few additional numbers based on the revenue numbers.

    They are not walking away, because this moron things that way!

    The product will come back (I placed my bet already), waiting for the outcome.

    For LONGS either a Takeda BUYOUT or Product is reintroduced! There are no more new path breaking ideas and stories needed!

    For shorties they need to place their bluffs and deceit constantly.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • jagan, u big big pump boy!

    • Many say that the fact O is SYNTHETIC is why it has the serious allergic patient response. I likewise have placed my bet. Jagan sold at $2 per share and reentered the trade. He is desperate as others begin to understand O's reality. Takeda buyout? Get real. For Takeda to buy AFFY means that Takeda assumes all of AFFY's crushing litigation burden. The better financial strategy? Just let time take its course. AFFY goes bankrupt as it discloses it must. Takeda buys its $180M milestone/royalties agreement at a bankruptcy court approved price (cents on the dollar assuming O ever returns to market) and everyone is happy. Takeda bonus: With respect to pending securities class actions and anticipated products liabilities claims, Takeda gets to point at the empty Affymax chair and claim AFFY is the real villian and victimized Takeda as well. Just saying from a 30 years health care lawyer experience perspective.

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      • Where did Affy disclose that it "must" file for bankruptcy? If the scenario plays out as you say, it would put a tremendous chill upon the notion of doing business with Takeda for other drug companies. That would be a very small short term benefit for a long term negative. The same firm that voluntarily withdrew O, when it had so much to gain, will not do a Machiavellian end run on Affy. Your conspiracy theories would be better spent on 9/11 and Holocaust denying.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Yes. O is like no other. Very unsafe for patients compared to other ESAs.

      • Only one problem... TAKEDA have no time... the clock is ticking... the faster they bring Omontys back on the market, the better. You said it yourself, the competion is comming in 2014-2015. (but that only counts for you when it's in your favor). On the other hand the fact that O is synthetic is indeed a HUGE favor for O. We all know there are a lot of sceptic people when it comes to synthetic meds but O wasn't that bad. If TAKEDA can improve O just a little it will be as good as the other meds on the market and have the benefits of a synthetic meds. Can it get any better?

      • So O is comming back in your opinion? So shareholders will get 180mi/37mil 5 dollar... ok

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