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  • pharmascampatrol pharmascampatrol Sep 21, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    Be prepared. A lawsuit announcement is coming for AFFY.

    As GWP has repeatedly stated, that would be the elephant in the room.
    Do not be shocked or surprised.
    Courtesy of a great reputable financial news organization, i,e,. SA.

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    • Wow thanks for the heads up. You guys are so close to getting this to a $1 and are so desperate. What is so different about this lawsuit that already hasn't been filed? Oh my, lawsuit I must sell the stock! You wusses have 2 days left to short this stock and are worried you won't get to $1. Is Alpha Exposure going to regurgitate the lawsuits for an article? Pathetic shorts.

    • Pharma not everyone will understand your reference.
      We already have an elephant and a gorilla are you sure its another elephant?

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      • There is no case here.

        As for as Share sale by Orwin et al, though they are crooks, it is all a normal procedure and nothing could be done.

        If you look at the SEC filing, every damn risk is listed and it is BUYER BEWARE sort of!

        On the Drugs reactions too, it has a Black box warning for this reaction and it clearly states it can cause Death. All these Cases are just trash and for everything they have liability D& O insurance, product liability insurance. It is approved by FDA and administered by FMS centers. The product does not look contaminated so the production is flawless.

        What that means these LAWSUITS are just pricks and NO MEANING AT ALL! No information is fudged from the market, it is just the interpretation.

        The shorts have lawyers and spent 10's of 1000's of their ill gotten wealth, to do these sort of work and nothing more, just to check whether it sticks or not. In AFFY's instance it is nothing but a bark.

        I didn't give any weightage and these Insurance companies are way on top to defend these cases.

        For me, it is just an FMS issue and will be sorted out soon!

        GLTA LONGS!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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