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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Sep 21, 2013 12:39 PM Flag

    Did geeweepee brought up Exubera withdrawal to relate to Omontys?

    if you follow someone, atleast follow someone who has atleast child's level of brain power.

    This moron relates to EXUBERA withdrawal and relates it to O. I posted why EXUBERA was withdrawn because the Nasal spray insulin needs equipment like a huge brief case, one needs to carry all the time, whether you are at a Dinner table or in a Cafetaria. The product did not work because nobody wants to carry such an equipment.

    With O it is absolutely the Opposite, life style change folks!


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Jagan first posts Takeda will not walk away from a $600M investment in O. Then jagan says Takeda has a $1B investment in O, then jagan raises it to a $1.2B investment in O that Takeda cannot walk away from since O is an "approved" drug. I point out O is unsafe as proven by PEARL studies and actual patient usage, drug has been recalled due to patient deaths, has a damaged reputation, fulfills no unmet medical need and competes with industry standard ESAs with many years use and well established safety profiles. Moreover, O's only benefit to current ESAs is once a month dosing (lost on CKD dialysis patients who are infused 3x week) is going to be taken away when Roche's Mircera, long marketed in the EU and approved for ALL CKD patients, is launched mid-2014 in the US and is dosed once every 3 to 4 weeks.

      I then point out Exubera was "approved", had marketing difficulties and Pfizer took a $2.3B charge when it decided no longer to market the product. I then expressed my opinion that under the circumstances facing O it may be wise for Takeda to minimize its losses, take a much lesser charge off, and decide not to return O to market at this time. I believe these are valid points one ought to consider in any AFFY "buy and hold" decision.

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