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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Sep 22, 2013 1:23 PM Flag

    People needs to put this MOFU MORON on IGNORE and MOVE ON!

    He is a #$%$. For all his questions the answers are already provided by longs. By telling the same lies over and over he thinks for some reason it will stick somewhere.

    Every study is conducted in accordance with FDA requirement. Enrolling patients and administering the drugs, if you are in the BIO industry, one will know how difficult is to maintain that kind of patient population for long periods.

    The FDA panel discussed at length and approved the drug. The Drug worked favourably and it is a VOLUNTARY RECALL TOO. Takeda thought it might be a Manufacturing issue / contamination. Apparently it looks like an FMS protocol adherence issue, should come out soon.

    The Lawsuits, has absolutely no meaning at all. These frivolous lawsuits can be filed by the shorties themselves, just pay 10-12 K and you can get a lawyer to pull some info. It is all OVER, those who are holding long, they are there for LONG and for the BInary outcome.

    Nothing is going to come out in 3-4 weeks unless it is very positive, a BUYOUT by Takeda or Reintroduction of the Drug. By the time the shorts will lose close to 3.2 MLN share worth of Call option, that is why their reaction is palpable. Very scary reminder for them, as each day pass by near this expiry, they are left without a backup.

    The D&O Insurance lawyers as well as the Product Liability Insurance lawyers will thrash these Ambulance chasers.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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