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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Sep 30, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    Longs Getting Ever More Desperate

    The rancor of their posts/diatribes is an indicia of AFFY's last hurrah. Better get on board for what may very well be the fifth and final pump and dump for AFFY! Now, if the AFFY longs would just be honest and admit the only catalyst for an AFFY share price increase is the 31,500 open interest in the Oct 19th $2 call contracts I could understand. However, Maxdad, et al pander to the crowd that AFFY is a multi-bagger and a buy and hold investment for the big payout. On the other hand, I admonish to take profits when present and not to become an AFFY bagholder when the music stops.

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    • Oddly, you relentlessly tell people what to do with their money, whereas I post analysis (and a continued tracking of your lies so nobody falls prey to your malintentions). I've never suggested to anybody that they buy Affymax ...BUT YOU'VE TOLD PEOPLE TO GET OUT OR HOW TO GET OUT ON COUNTLESS OCCASIONS...Now why is it that you would suggest in any way THAT IN THIS EQUATION I WOULD BE THE BAD GUY, EH? ps...THIS IS ALL FAR FROM OVER, AFFY HAS MORE THAN ENOUGH MONEY TO SUSTAIN ITSELF IN HIBERNATION UNTIL THE INVESTIGATION IS DONE...And then if (WHEN) Omontys is returned to the market everything you have said (and hopefully your total short position) will come crashing down like a house of cards and I like so many others here will not shed a single tear for you!!!

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      • Max find the post to me where GWP also made money on the run ups but was telling people all along that they should sell from $0.90.

        Misleading to me. More red flags.

        The longer this takes, the more it appears that Takeda is working on this.....

        All is not lost. Get the new label, and a subq approval.....move with or without Fresenius and all their safety issues....


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Max. For what it is worth, I have outed many, many outright lies and deceptions you have posted ranging from O not needing any FDA approval to return to market, to a Fresenius buyout, to great news being released at the AFFY shareholder meeting, to the erstwhile Takeda buyout, and so forth. Do not impose your supposed integrity on me. It is not for no reason whatsoever, but 3 pumps and dumps you have slaughtered your flocks anew Judas Sheep.

    • You are still posting dooms day jibberish I see. And you are retired??? What a waste. Pure nonsense unless you work for someone who is accumulating shares?

      You should trade many stocks, but for some reason you feel the need to post every 15 minutes like you do.

      This drags a Red Flag IMO.

      What is your real game?

      PS. Recently bought the dip and was loaded on RMTI the past several weeks and other stocks are setting up too. GL posting here day and night. FWIW most longs know that a new label, REMS, and using SubQ with training of anaphylaxis should work with AFFYs return so we wait it out. Ask any real doctor. Can a $1 run again? YES, go see BCRX, KERX.....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • We are getting more desperate? You say that after your Pfizer post........OK........

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