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  • jamiejaytrader jamiejaytrader Oct 11, 2013 7:53 AM Flag

    just a thought about the binary event i'm having right now

    isn't it possible for Takeda to release a press release about an indication/time frame when this investigation should be resolved etc?

    Just to let investors know whats going on.

    Just a nice bit of news to let us know if it would take 2 or 5 months or whatever to come to a conclusion on how to move foward with omontys.

    Not sure if this has been discussed already?

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    • Jamie, I think any sort of announcement like that would be bad for pps. It would telegraph the timeframe for shorts to further push the stock down. IMO it's bee term o keep them guessing and then catch em by surprise. Also, some longs would move out of the stock until such time as an expected announcement. Just my thoughts...

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    • Jamie, I have read all your posts thru your proclamation that this "sucks". In reply, please consider that Takeda distributes many other companies' products. O is a small bump on an elephant's butt in comparison. Takeda is our one great hope as they are working to determine the problem/solution regarding marketing O, hopefully resolve dosing of O with Fresenius, and communicate with the FDA (mostly shutdown for the last 2 weeks) as to going forward tactics which include resolution agreements. Takeda is doing this solely because they foresee desirable sales and profits, i.e. NOT for Affy stockholders benefits. If Takeda is successful they see themselves as winning big (worth the effort) and WE see ourselves as benefiting because of the royalty agreement we have with Takeda. Takeda may see it to their benefit to purchase AFFY and they must pay a "reasonable" pps or the competition will out bid them. In any event, Takeda has no responsibility to report what is taking place with their O initiative, even to their own stockholders, as it is just one product amongst many.
      The question that can not be answered is how many resources over what period of time Takeda is willing to pursue resolution. We better hope it is mucho and largo.
      Lastly, just a recommendation, because we were stongly advised that this is akin to buying an option without a strike date, it may be best to see this as money that is no longer yours but can come back to you if conditions are negotiated favorably. When I bought the stock, I considered the money gone until either it sinks in the storms of chaos or returns on a favorable tide. This is not ostrich head in the sand but reality; therefore, I do not pine that it is unavailable for investing elsewhere. I can make it reappear by selling today. I choose to not do that.

      I hope this helps and you enjoy the weekend. I know you are in Europe somewhere (big place) so hope the weather cooperates.


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    • Most of us stocked with affy and waiting since 8 months to see the Good return but I think TAkeda should inform share holders about their process ,this will help to end our concerns....

    • I'm having the same thoughts. I want some more dry powder for QCOR, but it's locked up here. Oh well, think of it like this, $5K can pretty much turn into $25K overnight if this thing hits. That's a better return than most people can get in a decade. I'll ride this out.

    • There is an earnings release, if any analyst questions probably we might get an answer. Otherwise I doubt it.

      You will have to keep faith in them, that is what it is. They are simply not going to abandon an approved drug with proven efficacy. They deal with these type of reactions with lots of their own drugs, nothing new for them.

      In fact AMGN's EPO, Arsnep and all have much greater risks compare to Omontys all throughout. Whereas with O it is just FIRST DAY REACTION.


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