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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Oct 14, 2013 8:45 PM Flag

    Again another fraudalent report from these crooks, can you expect anything better!

    Stick with what FDA, AFFY/Takeda reported. if there were anything new to report, Takeda would have reported it, there is no need for them to keep it pending, would have released it by now.

    Did anyone notice the Reported dates? AFFY withdraw the drug on mid Feb 2013. The Drug causes first day reaction and any reaction adverse or otherwise should be reported immediately to the FDA, not after 2 months.

    Shorties are in a soup, with 3.5 MLN shares backup will be gone in 3 days time. There is no cover, they will be hanging themselves. These crooks knew well anytime Takeda will come out with an action plan.

    I'm unmoved with these non-sensical posts, these fraudsters will post anything to grab cheap shares from weak hands.


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    • I was also confused with reported dates. There's nothing credible left for this SA author. How convenient to state at the beginning of article, I am short, so I will bash it further to cover. Well, 3 days left to cover, therefore this article. They know well that they can't control the binary event, and they definitely not here to play good Samaritan to caution retail investors. Desperate shorts, nothing more.

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    • There is nothing in that table that mentions anything about Omontys. No title, nothing. Nor can I find a way to search the case numbers to determine if it is Omontys or peanut butter that caused those unfortunate deaths. Seriously this hit piece is laughable at best and disgusting that someone would stoop this low and that SA would even allow such an article to be posted without any verification of the data or easy way for anyone to fact check what is in the article. I will no longer believe much of anything written on Seeking Alpha because of the last couple of posts about Affy and the lack of truth in them.

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    • Just expand the Reported dates. It is way past O's recall. Remember O caused issues even from FDA, only First day reaction. These SA shorties are crooks.

      They will be left holding 7+ MLN short shares without any back, come Thursday, just 3 days to go (72 hours)


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