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  • sfvictim sfvictim Oct 14, 2013 9:14 PM Flag

    3 Negative Articles in Seeking Alpha Articles Without a Counterpoint

    Perhaps the shorts were frustrated that everything was on cruise control heading into this Friday's options expiration. They can't accomplish this with a point counterpoint saga or a lack of dialogue, so they have to pay for another slanted article. I'd like to know their methodology for determining the 4X post hoc analysis let alone the 44 cent share price. Perhaps the author's favorite number is 4. Soon he'll be cowering on all 4s. It's very naiive for anyone to think that Takeda is trying to sweep fatalities from their drug under the rug. Do you think the FDA would allow that? Takeda has assumed responsibility for Omontys. Why would they mention it in their earnings report when there's no revenue recognition. The author is moderately skilled at negatively biased deductive reasoning. Of course, the scientific method he employs is to draw conclusions prior to validating his methodology. Yes, the FDA cannot rule out any deaths due to Omontys until all other variables are eliminated, but that doesn't mean it's a conclusive report. I had a funny feeling that we would see one of these SA articles out this week.

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    • Good post!

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    • Omontys was writhdrawn during 15th of Feb 2013 and everything was recalled immediately. The Expeditied report should be filed and received by FDA within 15 days, which 1st week of March 2013.

      if you notice all that reported, it is about end March / April 2013.

      What Takeda / AFFY reported is the right information. All of them is 'S'uspected in this instance they can't be because the Drug was withdrawn already.


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