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  • torpdrengen torpdrengen Oct 15, 2013 8:46 AM Flag

    Glad I sold out a month ago, sorry!

    Lots of hope and good analyses by expstocktrader but this time it is just not gonna happen!
    No justification to re-introduce this drug. I have suffered an anaphylactic shock myself and survived due to living close by a hospital. In my case it was a result from a branch of penicillin but I can assure everyone that I since that branch was pulled have restored a little confidence in the medical system although I never again can take penicillin. Likewise will patients who survived omontys and families of those who tragically passed away ensure that Omontys never return to market. I might be wrong but that is my personal thought and reason why
    takeda took over this drug. Takeda has very high moral and ethic standards and is a honorable company who wish to secure that Omontys is safely put away for good so no more fatalities will occur.
    Gents and ladies. I am just a simpe investor like you and this is just my opinion without so take it for no more.
    I wish you all good luck and really had hoped that it was just a matter of administration and not the drug itself.

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