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  • fallen0987 fallen0987 Oct 15, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Having trouble understanding FAERS report

    1st thing I am not understanding is Omontys was discontinued 2/23/13 most of the fatalities occur in March and April. 2nd thing is was this the 1st time these users took Omontys, it does not indicate. If issues only occur upon 1st usage then Omontys can not be the issue. If you look at what can be a possible cause of death and all the medicaton these patients were taking it is a pretty long list. From what I understand deathfrom Omontys was caused by serious hypersensitivity reactions, but the deaths that occured do not have that as a symptom. Can someone who has a medical background please elaborate. Because I am not getting it. Thanks

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    • The dates in the report are 'reported' dates, not event dates

    • Wow no responses. I guess you have to be negative on this board to get any responses. When you ask a valid question no one cares. Ok so everyone here are jerks. Maybe I'll get a response now.

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      • You should be the least concerned about AFFY being held responsible (presumably) for 22 deaths. Fact or fiction, only a statement from AFFY will lift any doubts about this preposterous numbers.

        1500 Americans have been killed by Tylenol/Acetaminophen in the last decade for various dosing reasons and even for its toxicity.

        Do you hear this pounded in the news? No, because big money can quench down the chatter.

        Unfortunately, even if 22 people have died as a result from taking Omontys, that is still a low number, considering that there were 25,000 patients involved. Most reports from Bloomberg to Reuters will tell you that only 3 people died as a result from taking Omontys. But we all know that big media gets fed from the same source, unless is politics, so the reported number is the same across the board.

      • Fallen -Too funny! The longs have the same issues you do so do not anticipate answers from us. Let those who brought the issues to the table answer your questions. But be patient, they have to parley to come up with an answer where there is consensus. After all, it is HOW MANY MILLIONS OF SHARES do they need? Yuck-yuck!!

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