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  • jim+long+iii jim+long+iii Oct 15, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    Lies, lies and more lies!!

    The SA article is chocked full of bear scat that was intended to make the longs weak knee and runoff, i.e. the bears will destroy us. Then more garbage (bear food) on this MB with reiterations of statements that have been debunked so many times the longs know them by heart. All that effort by these would be prophets of doom and at noon 275,000 shares have traded hands. Pretty pitiful results, I would say. Less than 60 hours and how many more MILLIONS of shares do you shorts need? Maybe you could put together a presentation on YouTube and it will go viral and get you those shares. Good luck on that too, Silly Goose. Heh-Heh!! Jim

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    • Jim ------a presentation on youtube! GREAT IDEA! I'll akk the client for the funds!

    • Disclaimer: Submission of a safety report does not constitute an admission that medical personnel, user facility, importer, distributor,manufacturer or product caused or contributed to the event. The information in these reports has not been scientifically or otherwise verified as to a cause and effect relationship and cannot be used to estimate the incidence of these events. That is how the FAERS report begins. This would sound to me that this is still an ongoing investigation by the FDA and not a conclusion of said investigation while assigning a cause of guilt one way or the other.

    • Yep. The FDA lied when it made the report indicating 22 patient deaths associated with O and the myriad of adverse events. Likewise, the shareholder class action lies about AFFY misleading its prior shareholders about O's patient safety when the share price plunged from $24 to $2 share. Lies. All lies.

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      • GWP - You really are a word manipulator. The report of 22 patient deaths is a starting point to see to what degree, IF ANY, there is a DIRECT/INDIRECT/ASSOCIATIVE relationship of O. This report which is a touchstone record for encapsulating all possible associative incidents does not draw any conclusions other than 22 people died and O, administered, with God knows what else, when the deaths occurred. There are some questions still swirling regarding what were the dates O was administered. But you guys are in a squeeze ( a little hurried) and have resorted to sleaze in issuing the SA article. The hurriedness shows in how sloppy it is put together.
        Lastly, the shareholders' class action lawsuit is nothing more than a bunch of words strung together. The fact that they allege anything means nothing until they prove the allegations(s) to the satisfaction of the courts and are judged based upon demonstrable evidence (none of which I have seen presented; and please do not enter any of your so-called worthless evidence).
        So baby-doll, where are you going to get those MILLIONS of shares in less than 60 hours? HUH?

        You retired for a week or so; you really need to go back. Opps, 12:40 and ~375,000 shares transacted with the ticker pointing UP. This direction "^"!! Have a nice day.

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      • The FDA did not make the report. They simply compiled the data that was supplied to them through people willing to report on patients having some type of event at their location, and what were the conditions of the situation when the event occurred. The data is all supposition, the "S" or the "C" was not the FDA's finding but an assumption made by the individual creating the report for the FDA. - So no the FDA did not lie. They just represented the data as presented to them.

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