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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Oct 30, 2013 11:42 PM Flag

    Who said that you chumps were allowed to stop posting your preposterous thoughts?

    Who told you that you could stop posting? Udanut - I am talking to you fool. You need to pick up the number of posts. And I want to hear all of your pathetic hopes and dreams. Just pretend that the stock has gone up 10 cents.

    You people are here for my amusement and you are not doing your job. Udanut, maybe you can declare yourself President of the Universe or something like that. This will help you to save whatever dignity you imagine that you have.

    I look forward to another 25 cent Laffystock pump. That should get all the desperate fools out again. It is fun. I am glad that I spoon fed you all the important information months ago. This gives me the right to call you chumps and fools. And I enjoy that. Thank you again.

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    • "You need to pick up the number of posts."

      Looks more like he got you going enough to get you to pick up yours. Don't stop now. We all know you're only searching for your 15 seconds of fame. You're the type without a penny in his pocket and can't even play in the big game. Now, you get your little fingers a'flyin'

    • We all appreciate you, GWP and Alpha Frauds articles on SA for keeping it real! Where is the BK you all promised 8 months ago? Where is the .44c price target that was promised to us? Come on now you guys are slacking! The two thirds of your fellow shorts who have covered the last 5 months have not gotten your message, you all need to try harder! LOL.

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