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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Oct 31, 2013 3:19 AM Flag

    Hope for AFFY Longs - Takeda mentions O root cause investigation

    At page 25 of 1st Half2013 Data Book:

    "Serious cases of hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis, which can be life threatening or fatal, were reported in the postmarketing setting in the US, leading to a voluntary recall of all lots of OMONTYS. An investigation into the root cause of the reactions was initiated and is ongoing."

    Not any new information, but at least Takeda mentioned O.

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    • ARIA's scare contagion. Actually at this point it is uncertain whether AFFY will actually return. ARIA's peek-a-boo trick-or-trick for pharma investors.

    • Hey GWP --- good to check in once in a while to see the AFFY Circus play out. Nice call on HALO, BTW. I did not get in on that but appreciate the tip.

      It should be known to all that there has been an ongoing investigation on the sudden, tragic AffyDeaths since 2010. After the infamous PEARL trial data was released, which ultimately precluded Omontys being used for the larger market of healthy (non-dialysis) patients, AFFY conducted an intense investigation into the sudden AffyDeaths. They wanted desperately to explain to themselves and the FDA what caused the horrific deaths. If they had been able to explain these deaths (other than saying that O killed the poor people) then they would have most likely attained FDA approval for all people. As it was at the time, they did not know if they would receive FDA approval for any segment (later shown to be a tragic mistake).

      So, all newbies must be told that there has been a desperate attempt by AFFY and Takeda for 3.5 years to explain away the O deaths. Also, the lawyers are no doubt working the legal angle to explain away the O deaths. Is it now within the realm of possibility that the 'magic bullet' is going to be discovered??? Somehow, now, back in Japan, someone from Takeda is going to sift through the stacks of paper and find some magic answer explaining how O is not to blame? I think not.

      I guess some chumpfools are hoping that the medical community adopts MaxCad's disturbing reasoning that it is the criminally negligence of nurses that is to blame. He has made the audacious claim that O did not kill these people in a sudden, horrific way, O simply induced the anaphylactic shock - and it was because the nurses were not able to heroically save 100% of the unsuspecting patients that they died. This very sad attempt to lay the blame elsewhere has been adopted by some of the more desperate LaffyStock Holders.

    • affy has no cash, Aria 350M in cashm big difference

      • 1 Reply to sfvip
      • No cash, no successor liability. Yes, AFFY is but a shell. If O is returned to the market, they will sell the royalty streams milestone payments (after utilizing their tax loss carryforward) to a third party like PDLI (just as DEPO did last week). AFFY shareholders will receive the value of the liquidated assets. The shell is partly designed to protect against an asset grab by class action attorneys.

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