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  • lapatsfan lapatsfan Oct 31, 2013 5:25 PM Flag

    A coiled spring

    This stock is poised to skyrocket!

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    • Sorry dude. O killed many people within minutes. Not more complicated than that. 'Ongoing investigation' for 3.5 years has shown nothing other than the simple fact that O kills. The 'investigation' will never conclude because it can have only one simple conclusion: O KILLED MANY PEOPLE WITHIN MINUTES. The investigation will never conclude because to conclude otherwise would be false - and to admit it would open up many, many, many questions about who knew what, when. This is all MY OPINION BASED ON MY UNDERSTANDING OF THE PUBLICLY AVAILABLE INFORMATION. You have been warned. Now feel free to insult me and to lose all of your money, in that order. Thank you so much.

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      • Your #$%$, you nothing of drugs and there administration, its called human error, and giving it t Pts that may of not fit the criteria. Do sum research and you will see how many people die from OTC meds every year..

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      • "O killed many people within minutes."

        So do heart attacks that could've turned non-lethal if someone was around to administer the proper treatment. The question is, is o, with its once a month schedule, more or less or equally as deadly as the approved and ongoing multi-times per month administrations of amgen's products, or any other competitor. How quickly does epogen kill?


        Yes, and using the same publicly available information i have my own opinion which to date differs from yours. Plus i can make a lot, lot more money than i can lose here. You can make a lot, lot less here than you can lose. You have been warned. You a funny guy, though not too bright. But, i like you. You make me laugh.

    • It is absolutely correct.

      Takeda will not and will never abandon an approved Drug.

      Watch for a PR release and an FDA meeting details soon and given the Takeda's reliability and stature, FDA will allow the Drug in the market place with added precautions during First day administration.

      JMHO, product revenue will start accruing effective 1st Jan 2014.


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    • Bump...hope by the end of the year Lap

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